About Us

The Vision


Manatal is a leading AI cloud-based recruitment software with a vision to transform the way companies recruit on a global scale. We designed an intuitive, fun, and easy-to-use AI-powered platform to optimize the entire recruitment process.


The idea was to develop an effective Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that provides solutions to the recruitment world’s difficulties and makes the entire process simple and enjoyable. Our vision is to design an elegant platform with timing, insight, automation, and information in mind.


The Story


Recruitment is at the heart of what we do. Manatal is the sum of our founders’ years of experience guiding digital transformation. Over the years, recruitment presented a challenge, one that required a well-defined process, which in turn presented many needs and faced many obstacles. Finding the right talent at the right time has become a rare concept on a global scale, and this needed to change.


The difficulty of finding the right set of skills, the inability to properly leverage information, the looming global talent gap issue, and the sheer amount of effort that goes into traditional recruitment, are only the tip of the industry’s iceberg.


The Essence


We set out to create a solution for core recruitment issues and ended up transforming how recruitment is approached altogether.


Our vision for Manatal has always been to create an applicant tracking system that simplifies the entire recruitment journey, from locating and sourcing the right talent pool to the onboarding phase and beyond. Over the years, we developed features that include innovative ways to source and vet the right candidates for the right positions.


We took this vision beyond the basics to create an assisting ATS, one that uses AI recommendations and advanced processes to simplify recruitment into a handful of clicks. Now globally trusted by thousands of companies in over 50 countries, Manatal’s growth goes hand in hand with our clients’ own. We’re passionate about developing solutions for the changes they encounter and filling the recruitment gap with innovative tech implementation.


The Team


Over the years, Manatal’s team and focus have grown alongside its vision for an effective and time-saving all-in-one applicant tracking software. Currently, the company has two offices (Singapore and Bangkok) and employs a diverse international team (Thailand, France, Spain, Taiwan, Somalia, US, Cameroon, Nepal, Philippines, Canada, India, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Tunisia..).


We believe that diversity is the key to understanding and overcoming new challenges. Diversity of thought is our greatest asset, and it has significantly helped us understand different client needs in different regions around the globe.


Our company values, vision, and goals are the sum of an international team thinking and working independently together. We believe Manatal’s growth relies heavily on the diverse mix of voices setting the pace for the next challenge, the next issue, and the next milestone.


If you would like to learn more about Manatal, please contact us: contact@manatal.com

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