Manatal: The Best Social Recruitment Software in the Market

The Best Social Recruitment Software in the Market

Recruiting has changed a lot over the years. While traditional recruitment is still effective to this date, certain norms to expand the workforce have been standardized to adapt to the progressing world. With the use of social recruiting software, it’s now possible to source top talents beyond borders and screen them carefully with more information beyond resumes. 

There are certain software that allows what we call “social recruiting”. This is the new way to recruit candidates through– you guessed it– social media platforms! It gives recruiters the option to post job ads on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to promote employment and discover potential fits who can benefit your company.

In this article, we’ll start by defining terms, discussing its importance, and knowing which software to use to source top talents efficiently.

First of all… What is Social Media Recruitment?

As mentioned above, this is also called “social recruiting”. Instead of recruiting via job boards or career pages, talent acquisition professionals use social media platforms to post job ads and reach candidates better and faster.

Connects you with candidates with just a single message

How come? First and foremost, the number of people on social media is astounding. There are 3.97 billion individuals around the globe who are using it. And, among this enormous number, the majority of them use it for every aspect of their lives– including job hunting!

The leading social media platforms as of 2021 are:

  • – Facebook – 2.8 billion
  • – Instagram – 1.1 billion
  • – LinkedIn – 740 million
  • – Tiktok – 689 million
  • – Twitter – 192 million 

When you message them, you can expect a reply almost immediately. This is a lot faster than expecting a reply via email because people are on social media more. And this instantaneous engagement can work wonders for your hiring process.

Improves your employer branding and increases application rate

It greatly improves your employer branding because your swift response will show the effort you give to all applicants. Trust us, this will increase the number of interested applicants since people are more motivated to push through with their application and not drop them along the way for reasons such as “The company doesn’t seem accommodating” or “The HR didn’t address my question fast enough, so I went with another company.

Gives more relevant information about candidates

Additionally, social media recruitment is an HR strategy that allows recruiters to connect with people better and get to know them on a more personal level. Through social media platforms, you can go beyond their resumes and see how well they fit your company.

From what they post, its quality, and its frequency, you would gauge what their interests are and, more or less, give you an idea of what they can do. For example, you can go to Instagram and check their feed. Is it curated beautifully? Are the captions engaging and interesting? Are they an introvert or an extrovert? These are the things you won’t see on CVs, and social media can aid you in your decision-making process.

Allows you to target specific niche

Of course, you can also use other websites if you’re targeting a more specific audience. For example, you can go to Pinterest if you want to scout for a visual merchandising talent. Why? It’s a website where people curate boards for a certain aesthetic. You can find someone with a good eye for design there.

The Growing Importance of Social Recruiting

Almost 4 billion people are on social media and they use it for all sorts of reasons: to connect with friends and family, share their content, and even find jobs.

You can take advantage of these facts and reach several prospects easier and faster. All it takes is one message or a single post to pique interest and have them clicking the “Apply Now” button.

Advantages to Social Media Recruitment:

  • – 80% of employers use this technique and source candidates through the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook (Dagmar Marketing)
  • – Using social recruiting can increase the application pool by 30 to 50% percent (HR Review)
  • – It reduces recruitment costs because you can fill positions faster and with minimal efforts
  • – It gives better chances of finding applicants with relevant skill sets faster (i.e. Behance for creatives, LinkedIn for all sorts of professionals, etc.)
  • – It also improves employer branding through your posts and contents

There are plenty of benefits to social recruiting which makes it even more important to apply to your recruiting process.

Manatal: Social Recruitment Software to the Rescue

Post Job Ads on Social Media Channels Easily

Manatal is one of the best social recruiting software to help you implement and execute this new HR strategy. This cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) all-in-one solution provides end-to-end recruitment from job posting on social media platforms to hiring suitable candidates.

HR professionals can easily create job ads and spread them to various free and premium channels with just a few clicks. It doesn’t stop there. Recruiters can monitor progress and track job seeker activities to help them better understand where they are and how they can move forward with the application.

Amazingly, it’s also possible to leverage social media analytics to determine hotspots. This can be the most effective platform to use, the background of applicants, and more. Once you understand and analyze these, you can modify your approach to attract more talents tailored to what’s performing well.

Improve Employer Branding

You can use social media to do more than just hire. You can create a company profile online to improve your employer branding, too.

By posting interesting and engaging content on your social media account, people can get to know your brand better. They’ll understand what your company stands for and what they can expect when they work with you.

Your content can include blog posts about informative strategies, engaging posts about celebrations and special events, and, of course, enticing job ads.

Attracting Passive Candidates

In support of our previous point, you can attract passive candidates through your social media posts. Whatever you put out on social media will be immortalized for readers to search and explore online.

According to Forbes, 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates. These are people who are not looking for a new job but are interested in knowing more about opportunities. You can maximize this to your advantage and create appealing posts to reel them in.

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You can talk about company culture, diversity, AI integration, and more, and these can be determining factors that would encourage people to see themselves working for your organization.

In summary, Manatal can help with the following:

  • – All-in-one ATS solution to optimize the hiring process
  • – Streamlined HR workflow
  • – Ability to source candidates on multiple channels with just a few clicks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • – Monitor and track applicant progress
  • – Leverage social media analytics to know what is working and what doesn’t
  • – Resume parsing and management
  • – Candidate scoring and AI recommendations
  • – GDPR compliance tools
  • – API integration tools
  • – All-inclusive and affordable pricing

If you want to source the best talent in the market, Manatal is continually assisting talent acquisition through its cutting-edge technology. It’s a complete package that allows you to conduct social media recruiting and beyond minus all the fuss and inconveniences.

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