5-Step Guide to Attracting Passive Candidates

Let’s face facts: 75% of the workforce worldwide consists of passive candidates.

Based on these statistics, that explains why it’s hard to recruit candidates in general. Although 80% are open to the thought of moving to a new company, they’re not really looking for it themselves, either.

Okay. They’re not looking for job opportunities. Why bother reaching out to them?!

That’s a very valid question to ask, but the answer is simple: they can be the best candidates to acquire. Since they’re established in their respective company, they have the relevant experience and skill set to fill the position you’re tasked with.

In actuality, they’re 120% more likely to want to make an impact on your business as compared to active candidates. Chances of them already knowing what to do and how to help your company as soon as you onboard passive candidates are high– making it time and cost-efficient for the business.

That is an asset that every company should strive for if they want to succeed.

I understand. How do you attract passive candidates, though?

Since they’re barely pursuing any job opportunities (or not at all), it might take more time and effort in convincing them to join your company.

However, that’s also a blessing in disguise. You can take advantage of the fact that they’re not applying for other companies. When you reach out to them, you’re most likely to be the only prospect that they have. All you got to do is be persuasive enough.

You can leverage Manatal’s functionalities to help you in this regard. With its all-in-one recruiting solutions, it’s very easy to source the best candidates– active and passive alike.

Here’s a 5-Step Guide in Attracting Passive Candidates

1. Build employer branding first

If you want to effectively entice these nonchalant job seekers, it’s important you build your company from the inside out. Make your company an organization that they want to work with.

This is often an overlooked element, but you have to establish a clear unique value proposition for your brand. This includes goals, objectives, company values, work ethics, and many more. This will perpetuate a healthy and fun working environment with a high retention rate.

Once those are in place, it will help to spread online presence by placing job ads across various platforms as possible. It builds credibility and you’ll have more chances to reach a wider audience.

With Manatal, you can do this easily with just a few clicks. The software allows you to post job vacancies to multiple channels automatically and funnel incoming applications conveniently into a centralized page.

2. Search and seduce

Like in the modern times dating era (a.k.a. the miraculous wonder of Tinder), it’s a matter of finding prospects and wooing them into falling for you. You just need– well– the right technology and approach!

Fortunately, the former is easy because you can conduct a Boolean search using Manatal. You just input keywords and you’ll be shown specific candidates tailored to the role sought. Aside from your own database, you can download profiles from social media platforms such as LinkedIn to add more candidates to the roster.

The harder part is the latter. Once you sorted out the candidates that you want to tap, you need to bring in your A-game and captivate them with a killer job proposal. Do your research and strategize carefully what would pique their interest.

Getting the chance to talk to them would make this easier because you could delve deeper and get direct answers to questions like “what areas do you think a company could improve on?” or something more direct such as “what is your current salary?”.

 Don’t be shy to reach out. It’s actually a common practice for recruiters to source potential candidates. At least, they’ll keep you in mind in case something happens, and it will be an ego-boost for them to be invited personally!

3. Build your internal recruitment army

Who says that your HR team should be the only ones responsible for seeking candidates? Turn your internal staff into a recruitment army by giving them incentives.

A referral program is a good and indirect way of attracting passive job seekers. When your employees are satisfied with the working environment, they would mostly share this level of satisfaction within their circle. Why wouldn’t they? They can benefit from it, after all!

Since 20% of passive candidates rely on their personal networks, this would be an excellent way to recruit trusted individuals. It’s a wise choice to get quality hires that can help the business long-term.

Don’t forget to play with the reports and analytics of Manatal, too. Its advanced capabilities provide recruitment data that optimizes the hiring process, so you can find sustainable solutions for them by tracking and improving key KPIs like Time to Hire, Cost of Hire, Reasons for Rejection, and more.

Of course, another option that you can venture is to work with recruitment agencies. Some companies specialize in passive candidates providing you the best prospects needed while you do your own sourcing. Having external help would only increase your chances in getting high quality candidates with equally high ROI– a win-win situation for both!

4. Simplify the whole application process

You have to bear in mind that passive job seekers aren’t that eager to join a new company or don’t have a lot of free time due to their current job. That is why you should simplify the whole application process for them.

You can utilize Manatal’s free career page creation for this one. Build a customized and easy-viewing career page that makes job application as easy as possible. They will appreciate this for sure.

You can also conduct a quick phone call off-hours or a pre-interview assessment first. This way, you can gauge their level of interest before directing them to your career page. 

Take the time to customize it depending on the role. Each process should be different because there are a variety of ways to assess skills per industry. It’s not one size fits all!

5. Timing, Timing, Timing

Last, but definitely not least, keep on repeating the steps. Sometimes, it’s not because they don’t find your company interesting– it can be just a matter of timing.

Observe the best practices and source candidates, do gentle follow-ups if necessary, and be patient. They might not accept now, but the stars may align and they’ll be available at one point.

Manatal has a powerful CRM that allows you to manage candidates efficiently. Don’t lose quality leads due to horrible data management. Benefit from the software’s automated functions and retain candidate information and status even months or years after!

Plus, this will be a good way to build your database for your next Boolean search.

Improve your company workforce by attracting the best candidates. It might be difficult to reel in passive candidates, but it can be easier using the right software.

To find out how Manatal can support you and your team, book a demo now or sign up for a 14-day free trial.


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