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4 Ways to Create a Great Career Page using Recruitment ATS

If creating a great career page is within your focus as a recruiter, then you’re making a wise decision. It’s an important channel that brings about a significant impact on the business in more ways than you could ever imagine. Your recruitment ATS can support you in this regard.

Some recruitment software like cloud based ATS solutions are limited in features. Some offer multiple job boards, candidate relationship management or customer relationship management, assessment tools, performance management, workforce management, and-- yes-- even career page builders.

What is a career page?

A career page is a candidate sourcing channel found on your website. It displays job vacancies available to fill positions that could better and sustain your organization.

Going beyond the hiring part, this is also a way to attract candidates. On your career page, you can give full information to interested applicants about your company. This can include what your company is about, why it’s a suitable working environment, and more.

It’s your presentation deck to prospective employees as to why they should work with you.

Benefits of career pages

As mentioned, your career page is your foot in the door to get quality talents. It reaps a lot of benefits when created properly. Here are some to name a few:

It is good for SEO

Searching for something online is a common practice nowadays. Even for job vacancies. When people go on Google to search for this, your career page can show up on the Search Engine Result Page or SERP.

With the right keywords and relevant information, it can lead to more traction to your page exponentially.

It gives more information about your company on an easy-viewing page

Job postings aren’t the only things that site visitors will see on your career page. It will also show more details about your company which can make or break their decision to join it.

It can be a form of text, photo, or even video. All of these give curious applicants a closer look at what they can expect when they join your company.

These can be specifics on the people working in your company, office locations, job benefits, and more.

It improves your employer branding

Not only does a great career page give better comprehension to prospects, but it also improves employer branding extensively. How is this helpful? LinkedIn reported that candidates are 1.8x more likely to apply for a job if they’re familiar with the company.

This can work in two ways:

  • Your employer branding will improve once they see how amenable the working environment is in your organization. Good reviews and attractive tidbits about your company will do wonders.
  • If people see that you have an awesome career page and if you advertise it frequently (i.e. linking the career page through LinkedIn or posting and boosting it through Google Ads or Facebook Ads), it will build credibility. This is important because you don’t want job seekers to think your job ad is not legitimate. Backing it up with a well-curated and well-established career page will make them more likely to apply.

It is an additional source of applicants

Last, but not least, an awesome career page ultimately brings you more applicants. Until you archive a job posting, it will be up on the web for everyone to see. This directs you to those who are keen enough to apply that they search for it online.

That’s the main goal. Apart from posting on job boards and social media using your ats software, you should have your company career page, too, for an additional candidate pool.

4 Ways to Create a Great Career Page using Recruitment ATS

To that end, it’s clear that creating a great career page is a must. If you want to achieve overall company success, this is the way to go. You can use several tools for it, but a great recruitment ATS (like  Manatal) can be enough to execute the task flawlessly. Here are ways how:

Use a career page builder through your applicant tracking system (ATS)

A great recruitment ATS doesn’t just help you with sourcing and managing candidates. Especially with the number of recruiting software available, it is now a battle of what else they can offer.

Manatal, for example, provides a free career page builder tool for its users, too. It’s a good way to streamline the hiring process or the recruiting process by giving recruiters the option to build their page for maximum productivity.

You can use their reliable templates and post jobs excellently. Keep in mind the candidate experience throughout. Is your career page easy to navigate? Is the application process quick and easy?

If it’s not, then you have to consider simplifying the steps to reduce the drop rate and receive more applications instead.

Another thing is that you have to add as much information as possible. However, you must guarantee that it is interesting to read. 

People don’t like to read much, so whatever they can gather right from the start is what they will take away from the entire career page. This is the time to show off. Here’s a great example from Amazon:

You may notice that they added several tidbits on their career site. You should do the same, too:

  • Get to know the team part
  • Easily filterable job search
  • Office location search
  • And more!

All these will greatly improve your employer branding. It will also showcase how awesome your company culture is.

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Applicant Tracking Systems should ensure accessibility of career pages

A great career page must be accessible for all. This is especially true when it’s optimized for mobile  app devices.

Manatal helps you create one that is suitable for both desktop and mobile. This will be helpful because a lot of people are on the go nowadays. Even if they’re not, most people prefer to use their phone as much as possible.

When you ensure the UX/UI is great on your handy tool, it will be advantageous to your business.

Keep your career page relevant using your applicant tracking software

Don’t just create a career page blindly. Your content should always be relevant to what is happening. Manatal’s career pages are easily customizable and editing would be a breeze to do.

You can talk about how working for your company amidst the pandemic. You can also discuss topics such as remote hiring, work from home, etc.

Highlighting health benefits can be very timely, too. Look at what Samsung has done:

It’s smart that they even have a dedicated tab for benefits, too. This is because a lot of people would be interested in seeing this more.

Your recruitment ATS should allow you to conveniently edit your career pages accordingly without any fuss. Your readers and site visitors will appreciate it if they can relate to what your content is.

Check reports and analytics often using your applicant tracking system (ATS)

Don’t overlook the powers of analytics. A top-notch recruiting software like Manatal provides in-depth reports that can drive better results for your business.

This feature permits users to see insights on various factors such as the number of applicants, sources of applications, and other recruiting metrics.

Take all these into consideration and modify your approaches as necessary. Let us give you a scenario

You see that most of your applications come from Facebook. It’s already doing well, so no need to alter that. What you can do is include a link to your career page on the job description.

This will give you additional information to interested talents and “wow” them with your content. The Facebook description is limited. However, if they see your career page, it can display information that they would want to see.

You can brainstorm with your team on how you can leverage such valuable data. It is better if you collaborate with key people involved in the talent acquisition for this. Hiring managers, hiring team, hr professionals, etc.

Do you know what’s best? All these information are data driven. You know exactly that it works. You just have to act upon it. Here is an article on some of the best practices to emulate.

There are countless ways to create a great career page using your recruitment ATS. These 4 tips can advance your hiring efforts to get the qualified candidates that you need.

Manatal can be the perfect solution for you to seamlessly integrate these ways in creating the best career page. Let us help you get the top talent that you deserve.

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