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How Important is Mass Emailing in Recruitment?

As a recruiting entity, one of the most efficient ways in maintaining relationships with your candidates, as well as leads or clients for recruitment agencies is via email. Whether it is to nurture relationships, share open positions, or even conduct mass hirings, passing messages through individual emails can take an awful amount of your team’s productive time. 

You need an efficient approach to make sure your message is delivered and landing in all recipients’ mailboxes. At this point, if you’re asking yourselves, ‘how do I do it?’ Or ‘where can I find such a solution?’ You can sit back, relax, and wonder no more. Mass emailing is the answer to your struggle.

Without further ado, let’s take a journey through what mass emailing means in a recruitment setting, its pros and cons, and the best practices in creating your mass email campaigns. 

What Is It & How it Works? 

Mass emailing is a communication form where senders are able to deliver the same email to a large number of recipients. This medium is commonly used in organizations globally as it helps them conveniently push out a message or an announcement towards customers, partners, and stakeholders all at once. It is essentially an indispensable tool when implementing large-scale communication strategies.

When it comes to recruitment, it is certain that recruiters need to communicate with a large group of people every now and then. Whether it’s sharing your openings, keeping in touch with your talent pool, informing candidates during the recruiting process, or even engaging customers and leads for recruitment agencies, you need to make sure that everyone in the target group receives your message. 

However, as you prepare your advertisement or announcement, keep in mind that if your mass email is not well-written or the message is not compelling enough, receivers might ignore it, or even worse, your email might get passed to junk mailboxes (more on that later).   

Fear not, for we have a list of dos and don’ts for mass emailing in recruitment as guidelines for you. But firstly, like every system or tool out there, mass emailing has its ups and downs. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons before we jump into how to turn mass emailing into one of your winning tools.  

The Upsides of Mass Emailing in Recruitment

Spread the Word Out In One Click

This is quite straightforward. As mentioned above, mass emailing allows the sender to deliver emails to a large number of recipients in a few clicks. Therefore, for a recruiter, once your message is good and ready to go, you can simply pick a list of recipients and send it just as if you were sending a regular email. This simple fact potentially saves hours of recruiters’ time, which can then be used for tasks where recruiters add more value.

Speed Up the Process 

It is a very competitive recruiting market out there. As a recruiting agency, the ability to acquire the right talents and fill in your customer’s open positions in a flash means an advantage over your competitors.

The nature of email communication is instantaneous. Once your email is sent out to hundreds of candidates, it is likely that you will receive a fair amount of responses from the candidates who are eager to fill in the empty chairs. Reaching a large number of candidates on short notice can potentially make the difference between a candidate joining your organization or your competitors.

Get More Candidates

Mass recruitment usually tackles entry-level positions such as an assistant, or a junior. Therefore mass emailing is very suitable for filling such roles as it allows to reach a large number of recipients very efficiently. The more people see your opening, the more candidates you have in the process, making mass emailing the perfect tool for mass recruitment.

Craft your email

With the help of Manatal, sending out mass emails has never been this convenient. Selecting recipients, crafting emails, and pushing out campaigns can be done within just a few clicks.

The Downsides of Mass Emailing in Recruitment

There Are Chances That Your Emails Might Go Straight to the Spam Box

Mass emailing obviously means you are pushing out hundreds of emails in a small amount of time. Now, this is a behavior that Email Service Providers (ESPs) such as Outlook, Google, or Yahoo do not like. 

Emails that are sent out in such a manner can potentially receive a high spam score. Once the spam score of your domain gets too high (meaning too many recipients marked your email as spam), your next mass emailing campaigns might end up immediately in recipients’ spam boxes hence never reaching their targets. 

You Need Specialized Tools for an Efficient Mass Emailing 

General ESPs have their daily limits for mass emailing and sometimes you may have to go over the limit range. To make sure that the job openings are delivered to all of the candidates on your list, you need to pay extra.

Your Recipient List Needs to be Constantly Updated  

Mass emailing helps you deliver your emails to a large group of recipients. That is convenient. But imagine having to go through all the names on that list and make updates every so often. This is why it is very important to keep your lists of recipients updated and organized.

With Manatal, it is very easy to keep your recipients organized through the use of folders, thus making sure your messages always reach their intended recipients.

Best Practices for Mass Emailing in Recruitment

When you take a look from afar at mass emailing, it might seem quite intimidating to some. To make sure you start off your mass emailing campaigns like a champ, here is a list of things you should consider before pushing out mass email campaigns. 

1. Create Attractive Content 

This covers two aspects, 1: the content, and 2: the email template. In order to create engaging content, you need to step in your audience’s shoes. Understand what they would want to read, what kind of content that would glue them onto the screen. Get a sharp concept and a clear idea of ‘ who is this content for?’ Keep it nice and tidy, short, easy to understand in an instant. 

Also keep in mind that text, together with images, videos, and hyperlinks are important ingredients for a dynamic email that helps draw in readers’ attention. Your emails should also always include a call to action (apply to a job, send your resume, book a call, etc).

In most cases readers are candidates. What would they want to read? And what kind of information would they like to receive? Utilize actionable words and highlight the benefits you are offering to candidates. 

As for the template of your email, design it in a way that clearly reflects your brand to ensure recipients immediately recognize you as the sender. The color, and if possible, the text should be the same as your customers’ websites. Your logo should be visible on the template as well. 

Manatal offers you the ability to customize your template in various styles. Save it, share it and re-use it as many times as you’d like.

2. Make a recipient list

Once you’ve prepared an engaging content and email template, it’s time for you to select your recipients. Select the intended recipients and make sure to remove recipients that might have opted out of your marketing emails

Manatal tracks unsubscriptions and automatically updates opt-in status to ensure that your emails are always delivered to the right recipients. Moreover, users also have the option to manually modify recipients’ status at all times.

3. Test Your Email Before Send 

As a recruiting agency, flawless emails help boost your company’s image and reliability, especially with mass emails that a huge batch of people will receive. It is ideal to make sure of no mistakes like typos or wrong images before pushing out the campaign. 

You should be able to make a draft of your email template for review. This will allow you to see the overall picture like how it looks and small details such as the links you inserted are working and correct or not. 

What Are the Possible Applications of Mass Emailing?

As a recruiting agency or corporate HR, there are multiple applications one can make use of mass emailing depending on the recipient type.

Candidates relationship management

Outside the Recruitment Process

The goal here when reaching out to candidates outside of the recruitment process is to keep in touch with your talent pool. The content can include job advertisements or informative content such as ‘how to write a great resume?’. 

During the Recruitment Process 

During the recruitment process, the goal is to pass on essential information to candidates regarding their applications, from explaining the recruitment process, updating candidates’ recruitment status, scheduling interviews with candidates, and sending confirmations or rejections.

Customers Relationship Management

As a recruiting agency, it is very important to maintain relationships with leads and existing customers. These emails can include information about the market or even the profiles of your latest top candidates. The goal being to appear as an authority in your industry to convert leads to clients and keep existing clients engaged. 

Tips & Tricks 

When to Send Mass Email Campaigns? 

The best date and time to push out a mass emailing campaign depends on the types of recipients and content. However, research and case studies give us an idea of the best day and time to send campaigns. 

According to leading email service providers, preferred days to push out mass emails are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Some researchers have pointed out that Tuesdays are the best day for a mass email campaign to be sent out. While Thursdays are the second-best and Wednesdays sit as the third-best day.     

So, if you are sending mass emails once per week, it is safe to go to Tuesday and keep Wednesday and Thursday as your alternatives. If you are pushing two or more campaigns per week, then go for all of these three days. 

What about the best time? Research from top email service providers has shown that the best times to let you mass emails on a run are  6 AM, 10 AM to 11 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM to 12 AM. 

Before you let your mass emailing campaign fly, keep in mind that, unlike a single email, mass email takes longer to reach recipients. Therefore, it's best to push your campaigns out 20 minutes or half an hour ahead of your schedule.

Keep Away from Spammy Words

To help keep your campaigns out of recipients’ spam boxes, carefully write and check your content. Avoid using pushy words or phrases that will make your emails look like a super hard sale. Try your best to runway from words like ‘opportunity’, ‘success’, ‘click here’, ‘urgent’, ‘make money’, or ‘work from home’.  

Also,  try not to drop in a big pile of punctuation marks in the subject lines or body of the message in your recruitment emails. All caps should be absolutely avoided as well.

Furthermore, try to standardize your font and color. Keep it plain. Splashing fruity colored text and using different fonts across your email is not recommended.  

Sending Emails to Op-In Recipients Only

Keep in mind that you should only send emails to recipients who have ‘opted-in’ to receive emails and you should always add an unsubscribe button at the lower section of your emails to allow recipients to opt-out of your emailing campaigns if they would like to.

Analyze & Improve

Once your campaign is successfully delivered, it is recommended that you should analyze your performance to see how well your mass emailing campaign has done, this will allow you to improve your future campaigns and make sure of no further mistakes. 


Congratulations, now you have the basics on how to start a mass emailing campaign!   

If you are still uncertain about which service provider to go with for your mass email campaign, why not look at Manatal? We currently help thousands of companies worldwide by centralizing both mass emailing campaigns, applicant tracking system, and recruitment CRM, cutting the need to jump from one software to the next. Conveniently manage your candidates and clients, select your recipients, customize your email template, and keep track of the performance of your campaigns in one single platform.  

Start your 14-day Free Trial today and discover Manatal’s many more powerful features that will streamline your recruitment.

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