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It’s a job-seekers market if there ever was one. The labor market realities of 2021 have been marked by unprecedented levels of resignations, skyrocketing compensation levels amidst a tightening job market, and, millennials, now the largest segment of the work force bringing a new dynamic of “wanting a calling, not just a job” into the recruitment mix. Professional recruiters and HR professionals are experiencing a heightened state of anxiety and their response has been a desperate search for technology and resources capable of maximizing the benefits they can get from the key recruitment tools they use in attracting and hiring good talent.

Traditional recruiting tools have historically served the convenience of employers, and they’re becoming increasingly less effective. These tools aren’t completely obsolete, but technology has evolved in such a way to make certain recruitment tools far more candidate-centric. Innovative, tech-driven companies that are willing to make the investment in recruitment tools that put job candidates at the center of the hiring process are the companies that will have the best talent working for them.

In other words, if you are eager to attract the brightest and most ambitious, you must meet that talent with an engaging technical platform of your own. Today’s “best candidate” wants more control and involvement in the hiring process and will take advantage of opportunities to share their opinions about their hiring experiences through employer review sites and their own social media pages.

Modern recruitment tools that focus on building relationships with candidates rather than escorting them through your hiring processes offer a wide array of benefits, including deeper levels of engagement with the candidate. What this means is, at the core of your recruitment tools there needs to be an applicant tracking system built for modern recruiting that engages applicants through every step of the recruitment process.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Choosing the right applicant tracking system (ATS) can provide your team with a wide array of useful, perhaps even exciting, recruitment tools. Historically, ATS systems have been relied upon for the collection of applicants’ personal data as well as offering a technical resource capable of automating recruitment procedures such as posting jobs online.

But the best ATS systems offer more than just a way to warehouse applicant data, they can provide recruiters with a wide array of recruitment tools. For example, modern ATS systems are capable of sourcing candidates across multiple channels and then funneling all incoming data into one, centralized platform. Recent innovations have even accelerated ATS technologies to include artificial intelligence capabilities, automated workflow features, and reporting tools that can make the lives of recruiters and job candidates easier.

While ATS systems are still mostly recognized for their ability to provide companies with a technology platform to simplify their hiring processes, we intend to show you some of the key benefits of the recruiting tools that come packaged with the most advanced ATS systems. These include a wide array of effective recruitment tools that do a better job of engaging candidates instead of just inventorying their data and are also suited to mobility meaning they engage the applicants to a larger degree. Selecting the right ATS for your company means finally being able to maximize the power of the following recruitment tools.

Recruitment Software & Candidate Management

The most innovative and robust ATS software systems on the market have recently started offering all the tools in order to manage and nurture candidate relationships. These have been remarkably successful in providing recruiters with easy-to-use recruitment tools that allow them to build engaging relationships with prospective candidates and a way to make candidates feel as though they have a degree of control as they’re ushered through each stage of the recruitment and hiring processes.

These features are focused on giving recruiters the tools they need to not only manage and convert candidates, but it is also a tool that lets recruiters continue building relationships with prospective candidates within a single pipeline once they’ve applied. Think of it as an all-in-one solution where you can better organize and engage candidates in a centralized platform.

How does ATSs achieve so much? By providing recruiters with an aerial view of their candidate pipeline, providing a detailed snapshot of each opportunity and candidate with information about all historical communications, including emails and phone conversations. When you select an ATS system that includes these functionalities, you are providing your recruitment staff with tools that can immediately tell them everything they need to know about candidates, recruitment efforts, and relevant communications, all within one streamlined platform.

Social Media Recruitment Tools & Strategies

Your company needs tools that will get you ahead of the competition to find the right people for your team, and one recruitment tool that is shockingly still underutilized by companies both large and small is social media. Social media can be a terrific way of making your culture and brand stand out among other companies that are competing for the same worker(s).

The benefits of social media recruitment campaigns are more likely to come to fruition if you have a clear idea of what your company means to the people who work there and what kind of culture you want to promote. Take some time to consider a few ideas before racing off to Facebook or Instagram, like how you can start leveraging social media to recruit better talent by asking yourself:

  • – Does your company have a vision or mission that is embraced by your current staff?
  • – What makes an ideal employee at your company?
  • – Do you have a greater calling or mission for your company? It is worth noting that the younger generations of workers have a magnetic attraction to purpose-driven companies and ones that stand for socially responsible issues

After you’ve determined the social media platforms to recruit on, research, and create a list of people, businesses, and tags to use in your posts. Here’s a couple of hints:

  • – Ask your employees if they would mind if you tag them on posts and stories. This will get the word out in their social circles.
  • – Include detailed information in your job posts. Viewers will appreciate the all-in-one approach, and it makes the content easier for them to share.
  • – Hashtags can be enormously effective as recruitment tools. Common ones are #nowhiring or #jobhiring. You should also spend a bit of time looking for hashtags within your industry.

It’s worth noting that social media can sometimes be classified as “inbound marketing,” or marketing with a focus on attracting people with valuable content, and that means recruiting top talent to work for your company. While many companies make attempts to persuade people to apply for positions within their organization, savvy companies are beginning to see the benefit of using social media to make people more desirous of working for their company. With the right social media strategy, companies can attract dream employees the same way they attract dream clients.

We place a special emphasis on social media because modern ATS systems offer social media integration features that allow recruiters to develop candidate data by looking through their social media and taking relevant keywords to be registered into the system. This allows you to see more of your candidates through a professional lens and gives you a better idea of whether or not they are suitable for the role.

Artificial Intelligence as a Recruitment Tool

The integration of AI, or artificial intelligence, into your ATS system can provide you with, perhaps the most resourceful benefits of all your recruiting tools. AI is still largely stigmatized in many industries because society has a “knee jerk” reaction to the term, often equating it with job loss. But recruiting will always require the human touch to be successful and a robust ATS system that comes packaged with AI technologies offers the benefit of being able to automatically handle many of the mundane tasks of hiring so that your recruitment staff can use their time more efficiently.

ATS systems with built-in AI functionality will expedite the process of sorting through hundreds of resumes in a matter of seconds. Even more beneficial, on the candidate side of the process, and through the usage of AT technologies, candidate screening will yield better results and will be accomplished sooner. Using an AI software that can interact with the candidate during the application process means having a detailed assessment of the applicant’s background being compiled in the quickest possible way. AI can help recruiters to immediately screen out unqualified candidates who are obviously not fit for the position they are applying for, and the candidates with more of a matching skill set will be advanced into the next recruitment stage.

Companies that use career site chatbots, a form of AI, are both saving their recruiters time and providing responses to their job candidates much more quickly. Ultimately, companies that use AI as a recruiting tool have reportedly been able to double the number of candidates that they get for a position.

Using AI ethically

A note about using AI: If you decide to use AI as a recruitment tool, be sure to do so ethically. Humans should ultimately still be left in charge when it comes to people’s careers. Transparency is essential and your company should always be clear on your website as to what components of the recruitment process are automated and which are not. By being transparent about the role AI plays in your company’s recruitment efforts, you are empowering candidates to make their own decisions around whether they want to apply.

It is then important when choosing a recruitment software to ensure that the solution allows for AI customization in order to meet eaches companies’ needs when it comes to diversity, gender equality,… 

Leaving key hiring decisions entirely in the hands of a computer isn’t what we’re suggesting. We simply mean to imply that the benefits of using AI as a recruitment tool have more potential for creating a seamless experience for both employer and candidate, improving efficiency, saving time, and helping to source the best applications. The benefits of using AI as a recruitment tool still outweigh the costs.

Multi-Channel Posting as a Recruitment Tool

Professional recruiters know all too well the challenges involved with posting a job ad on as many career exchanges as possible while simultaneously trying to save time and spend the least amount of money. Stop and consider for a moment what a luxury it would be to have an ATS system at your disposal that has the capability of creating one single job ad and then letting you hit a button that instantly and immediately publishes that same ad to several channels, simultaneously. By using the term “channels” we are referring to sites like your company’s own career page, university websites, and job boards like With the right ATS system in place, your recruitment tools can be used to attract top talent through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

That’s the power you can have with the right ATS system.

Using ATS Analytics as Recruitment Tools

A goldmine of recruitment information and data is stored within your ATS systems. It warehouses raw data and makes resourceful information available to recruiters, and the value of that data only increases in its value over time as more candidates apply for positions. The analytics inventoried within an ATS system can help you determine with pinpoint accuracy the effectiveness of your recruiting process and help you to identify which recruitment sources are yielding the highest quality candidates.

As ATS systems become more robust in their functionality, recruiters are increasingly relying upon their analytical data to track Equal Employment Opportunity information, to create and distribute useful reports with key metrics for company-wide collaborative recruitment efforts, and essentially to pull any bit of crucial data required for a company to measure the most important trends to augment a company’s recruitment efforts.

Most might look upon analytics as a boring byproduct, if not an expected core feature of any ATS system, but the best ATS systems differ by providing recruitment professionals with in-depth reports and analytics about important recruiting metrics for continuous improvement. Everything that you need to know about the candidates, the jobs, and more are there for you to critique so you can modify your hiring strategy accordingly.

Reading analytics is a growing priority for recruiters. Why? Because it gives valuable insights that can enhance your recruitment efforts and presents irrefutable data concerning what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t overlook the powers of analytics.


The benefits associated with the many recruitment tools that come with a robust ATS system should far outweigh the costs of installation for any company that is serious about competing for the best talent in the modern job market. However, it is important to point out that the first step in determining what ATS is best suited to your company is to administer a thorough analysis of your existing recruiting processes because even the most expensive and complex ATS software can’t resolve recruitment and hiring processes that are flawed at their core. Once the determination to invest in an ATS system has been made, the next prudent step is researching the company behind the ATS software.

The industry leader, Manatal – a company with a verifiable history of providing the most technically accelerated, innovative ATS systems for both small and large companies in a wide array of industries, as well as recruitment agencies. Manatal has successfully applied years of expertise to develop one of the finest and resourceful ATS software systems on the market with an emphasis on technologies that can help simplify a company’s hiring process. Manatal’s ATS system is recognized for its ability to offer companies the recruitment tools they require to help them select the best candidates, manage talent pools, strengthen team collaboration, and hire top talent.

Most important of all, Manatal is a company that has gone beyond the basics to create an assisting ATS, or an ATS that can use AI recommendations, advanced processes, and automation to simplify recruitment into a handful of clicks. Manatal has achieved such remarkable results all the while ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality when it comes to your candidates’ data.

Manatal is offering a free trial of their ATS software via their website, or you can also book a demo with one of the professionals who can share specifically how your company can benefit from using their ATS software. It is the best way for you to discover how Manatal can be used to make recruitment and talent management your best competitive advantage.

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