How to Fill a Position Faster Using an Applicant Tracking System

It takes an average of 42 days (more than a month!) to fill a job vacancy according to SHRM.

It’s not supposed to be the top recruiting metric to follow as it doesn’t guarantee a significant, positive impact on the company. However, faster is always better, especially if you want to beat the competition in hiring a candidate that you’re eyeing for.

With top talents being widely in demand, you have to act quickly or else you’ll lower the chances of recruiting them. Here’s how an ATS can help you fill a position faster with precision through its dynamic functionalities.

5 Ways to Fill A Position Faster Using an ATS

1. Multiple Sourcing

There are plenty of ways where you can source candidates using an ATS. For one, you can automatically post career opportunities on various job boards (Indeed, JobsDB, Glassdoor, and many more) with just a few clicks. All incoming applications will also be funneled into a centralized platform, so that cuts laborious tasks and saves time significantly.

Next, ATS software like Manatal has built-in career page builders. This lets you creatively display all job openings whilst obtaining higher chances of receiving resumes directly. In case you want to link this to your existing career page, rest assured that it’s very plausible, too. You can utilize its API to list your published jobs, retrieve specific job details, and submit candidate applications (Wordpress career pages can be integrated via API).

You can delve deeper into how to create a killer career page here-- it will be advantageous for both your employer branding and company culture.

Additionally, Manatal also has recruiting tools that allow easy sourcing on platforms like LinkedIn and another one that manages referrals.

When you tackle recruitment in several directions, it will surely lead you to the right candidate faster.

2. Leveraging Existing Candidate Pool

Don’t hop on to the internet and scout total strangers immediately. Having ATS systems means having a strong database. You can leverage this in two ways: First, make use of a candidate recommendation engine. Not a lot of ATS have this, but Manatal is one of the few that has. Basically, what this does is suggests suitable candidates to a certain position based on skills and experience match.

Second, you can leverage the existing candidate pool by checking the history of past interactions with talents. Were they unavailable before but are good fits now? If they are, you already have all the needed details (resume, skills, salary expectations, etc.) for you to proceed and send an interview invite.

You don’t even have to wait for a job vacancy before you contact them. By nurturing relationships with individuals in your database via email campaigns, it will be easier to hire in the future due to the accrued trust and credibility you have established. If they’re not available themselves, they might recommend your company to their own network!

3. Save Time with Screening

Fill positions faster by screening speedily. For instance, with Manatal’s Candidate Scoring, you will be able to see top contenders immediately. The interface will show a percentage of how ideal they are for the job. This will lessen the time needed to evaluate their CV. Just be sure to refine your search by being specific as possible to get precise results.

Furthermore, you can enhance this using the Social Media Enrichment feature. Get to know your candidates better by checking their social media accounts through a professional lens. The Manatal ATS will take relevant keywords that can build their profile.

4. Effective Collaboration

You can use Manatal to invite hiring managers to participate in the project and monitor candidates with you. They can just sign in anytime, view status/progress whenever, and leave notes if necessary. On your side, you can also send them emails for follow-up in case of any reminders, interview schedules, and more. 

Cool, right? All communication, activities, and feedback are synced and centralized here, so everything regarding the application process can be evaluated without the need for any third-party software.

Every step of the way, collaboration is observed; ensuring that all parties are on the same page and there will be a unanimous decision throughout.

5. Look at Reports and Analytics

By looking at data-driven facts, you can easily know what to improve and where to focus on. View recruiting metrics to know where to source candidates best and what’s the best strategy to hire them successfully.

Whether it’s about candidates, clients, and jobs, all the data can be found here. Manatal makes this even more convenient because you can export reports with just one hit of a button.

This is like a foolproof guide to hitting the bull’s eye. You know the important factors to consider, so you just have to act upon them-- leading you to the right candidates and going through each recruitment phase efficiently.

Overall, ATS not only helps with acquiring top candidates,  but it also lets you hire them swiftly. You should be able to fill positions and improve company success and business performance in no time.

With Manatal, our clients can fill job vacancies in just 22 days-- almost half of the average time to fill! With our compelling tools and functionalities, our ATS can assist you in your recruitment needs faster and better.

Have the edge over competitors and work with us. Click here to read more of our insights on recruitment and HR technology, or here to explore our 14-day free trial.

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