What is an ATS?

What is an ATS?

Every recruiter must keep scalability in mind. As the company grows, so will the number of candidates, employees, jobs, departments, and client information. While it might be manageable to do things manually at first via spreadsheets, the need for an ATS will eventually arise.

First of all… what is an ATS exactly?

Applicant Tracking System or ATS (or also known as Applicant Tracking Software) is a cloud-based software that ultimately sources candidates across multiple channels and funnels all incoming applications into a centralized platform.

Since everything is stored online, users can access all the data anytime and anywhere even years after. This makes it more organized to keep track of all activities relevant to the hiring strategy.

It also smoothens and optimizes the recruitment process by providing an all-in-one solution using various tools and features. This improves day-to-day operations greatly by giving users a seamless experience from sourcing candidates down to obtaining reports & analytics.

ATS vs Spreadsheets: what are the benefits?

An ATS is often used by recruiters to help them save time and effort for maximum productivity. However, those who manage candidates can also benefit from this convenient software, too. There are various benefits to using one, after all. 

ATS can help the business in three major areas:

•    Improves Time of Hire

•    Enhances Quality of Hire

•    Reduces Cost per Hire

As compared to using spreadsheets, it only deters overall company success by:

•    Taking more time than necessary via manual input

•    Limiting sales opportunities due to slow work progress

•    Encountering inaccuracies in data caused by poor organization

•    Generating reports that takes a lot of time to produce

•    And many more!

This is precisely why 75% of recruiters around the globe use an ATS. Not only does it let you source candidates efficiently, but it also gives recruiting solutions to nurturing candidate and client relationships, promoting internal team collaboration, producing comprehensive reports & analytics, and more. 

Functions of an ATS that Spreadsheets Don’t Have

The functions of an ATS vary, but there are core features that you have to watch out for. Let’s take Manatal as an example:

Easy-to-Use Pipeline

Manatal has an easy-to-use pipeline that has all the information you need to interactively track and manage candidate progress in one page. This ensures that you don’t fall through the cracks and successfully lead them to every step of the hiring stages until you get the perfect fit. 

You can easily source candidates by posting job ads across multiple channels and funneling all incoming applications there. Additionally, you can parse resumes automatically or download them from job boards such as LinkedIn.

It has a drag-and-drop feature that perpetuates a better user interface, too. No need to manually input and update spreadsheets this way!

Direct Communication

The software also allows you to integrate your Gmail or Outlook/Office365 account so you can send and receive emails directly without using any third-party software. It even syncs the events calendar, so you can be alerted of any important events or reminders

This is important because you can engage with your candidates consistently, which helps set great candidate expectations and build stronger employer branding.

Team Collaboration

Working within a team should mean that everyone is always on the same page at all times. Otherwise, it will be messy and might put off exceptional applicants!

With Manatal, team collaboration is made easier as involved parties such as vendors, hiring managers, and more can be invited to collaborate with you and oversee the whole hiring process together.

Career Page Builder

Manatal has a free career page builder tool that’s fully customizable. Make your career page as compelling as possible by tailoring descriptions as necessary, showcasing a fun and healthy company culture, and many more.

This makes it easy for candidates to know more about your organization– prompting them to hit “apply now” faster than you know it!

Reports & Analytics

Recruitment trends over the next few years mentioned that reports & analytics will be valuable assets that can make or break the business.

With data-driven facts on what transpired, make better and informed decisions by getting critical insights from Manatal. Modify your recruitment accordingly and focus more on what worked and improve or avoid what didn’t.

This tool gives exportable reports on numerous recruiting metrics such as time-to-fill, quality-of-hire, source of hire, and among others.


There are many local and international that companies need to comply with when handling candidate personal data, and fines can be high if companies do not comply. Examples of this include GDPR in Europe, CCPA in the US or PDPA in Singapore.

Bear in mind that a good ATS provides the appropriate tools to help companies remain compliant with the regulations depending on their region. Legality should always be observed and should be one of the main benchmarks to be considered.

Manatal, for instance, allows the automatic gathering of candidate consent via email and has the ability to share compliance terms on career pages or whenever individuals apply, track and manage consent status of the talent pool, modify data when requested by the candidate, and more.

Aside from these core functions, Manatal also has other innovative features that makes it unique amongst the recruitment software market.

Social Media Enrichment

Solidify your candidate’s application and get to know them better on a professional level through Manatal’s social media media enrichment tool. This feature takes relevant information and keywords from an applicant’s social media account and adds it into the system.

This will give you a better understanding of whether or not a talent can be a great fit or not.

AI Candidate Recommendation

This tool is one of the many powerful AI integrations that Manatal has. With just a few clicks, you can receive candidate recommendations based on the job description and requirements set on your platform.

With its powerful search engine, this ATS will provide you with top talents that can fill the role impeccably.

Recruitment CRM

This one is for recruitment agencies specifically. Manatal lets users hit two birds with one stone by giving them a tool to manage customers and effectively convert them into clients.

Its easy data entry and seamless coordination nurtures client relationships, which increases revenue and promotes higher sales and profitability for the business.

This is the era of the ATS

If before spreadsheets were the best tools to use in conducting recruiting processes, that’s not the case now. Times have quickly progressed and the demands of the recruitment industry have changed a lot.

In order to adapt successfully, it’s time to use tools that are up-to-date such as an ATS. You’ll see a big difference in your recruitment process when you use it. With effectiveness and efficiency at your fingertips, it can lead you to better hires, better internal workforce, and exponential growth on overall success.

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