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How to Earn New Clients through Recruitment CRM Integration

There’s a number of recruitment, headhunting, and staffing agencies out there in need of a recruitment CRM to help them manage their prospects better. That’s why it’s relatively easy to acquire leads as recruiters. The actual challenge lies in converting them to be clients.

This phase is the hardest part as a lot of companies struggle with properly converting leads. It’s not an easy feat since there are so many factors to consider: customer satisfaction, work efficiency, and overall functionality match.

Customer satisfaction is self-explanatory. You have to keep them contented about your services throughout to be able to secure and sustain their interests. Like with all relationships, right? After all, that’s one of the keywords in Customer Relationship Management!

As for work efficiency, it highlights the benefits recruitment CRM can bring in making work easier. With the software, agencies must be able to save time and effort by cutting tedious tasks, so they can allot them to more important projects.

The latter speaks about how everything intertwined fits into the equation. At the end of the day, the goal is to make the agency say, “I need this recruitment CRM!”.

Sounds do-able enough? It is—just with the right recruitment CRM. Here’s how Manatal can help:

Holistic Client Profile

You’ve heard this countless times before: know your market.

It’s imperative that you profile your leads well so that you can formulate ways on how to approach them based on their background. Manatal helps you in inputting their information easily with just a few clicks.

Their name, email address, phone number, key contact person, and more are all centralized on one platform for your perusal. That way, you'll never miss out on important details and always be one step ahead of your market. 

Think how handy this could be when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of customers!

Structure Sales Strategy

A recruitment CRM is designed to help you convert leads through its various tools and features. Its main goal is to make your management process easier and more efficient for maximum sales productivity.

However, you should carefully structure a sales strategy first. First impressions last, and what you do at the initial point of contact can make or break the relationship.

There are countless conversion strategies that you can do to win agencies over. To name some:

1.  Think of recruitment CRM as a sales pipeline that’s fully customizable to tailor to your sales process. You can structure it however you want to for a simplified, convenient, and easy-viewing set-up that team members can access.

2. Assign a recruiter per lead. Having one team member focus on a potential client will increase the chances of converting them by nurturing trust and a reliable business relationship over time.

3. Plan your schedule. You should devise a schedule on when you’ll call leads, when you’ll follow up, and how often you’ll follow up. Bear in mind that being patient and respectful of their time are critical. Try learning more about the best practices on this one.

Once this is in place, it will give you a clear direction to your objectives and allow you to plan accordingly.

Track Lead-to-Client Journey 

You already got them as a lead, and now it’s time to reel them in further and further down your sales funnel.

The moment you add potential clients to your list, you’re already setting up a path to successful business partnerships. It’ll be more straightforward to establish and improve the business relationship by making sure that all action steps are geared towards landing clients.

With recruitment CRM, you can track and monitor where you're at with your leads, so you can take the necessary measures to move them along the pipeline.

You can also utilize this for your recruiters! With Manatal, you'll be able to see who your recruiters are talking to, which stages they are at, and many more. 

This is advantageous because you have a bird's eye view of what's happening on both ends.

Communication and Activities

Communication plays a big role in getting clients. You should be able to clearly deliver messages without getting lost in translation.

It's easy enough to do as you can email and plan activities directly to prospects using Manatal. And these are all auto-synced into its cloud.

That means conversations and event calendars are stored online and can be accessed by involved parties anytime. This foregoes the risk of overlooking or forgetting certain details because you can easily backtrack as needed.

When you're always on point with what you're saying, your attentiveness and accuracy can surely impress leads.

Leverage Stored Data

Last, but definitely not least, is that you should leverage stored data to win more clients.

As mentioned above, Manatal has the data capacity to store information from customer profiles down to progress status to even email exchanges. These are all updated in real-time and can be easily accessed by involved parties anytime, anywhere. As recruiters, you can take this opportunity to revisit past leads.

Using recruitment CRM, you can see why a certain lead did not push through and formulate a new approach that might be effective the second time around.

After all, a past lead isn't a lost lead. Having a powerful tool like Manatal lets you backtrack information, which can prove useful at the right time using the right sales tactics.

When all of these are put together, you start to build credibility as a reputable recruitment CRM.

This trust and brand loyalty, alongside customer satisfaction, will eventually successfully convert leads into clients.

You just need to learn how to leverage all of its functions effectively to your advantage, and you’ll be closing deals sooner than you know it.

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