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What is One-Click Apply?

One-Click Apply or also known as Quick Apply is a convenient feature that lets job seekers apply to jobs on online job boards with a single click. Most job boards that offer one-click applications require you to create an account and upload a generic resume and cover letters such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, JobsDB, and many more. Once the generic resume and cover letter are uploaded, applicants can simply navigate through online job listings and click the one-click apply button for each and every job opening that interests them. Other online job boards use applicants’ LinkedIn profiles to extract their work history, education, and skills.

Advantages of One-Click Apply

One-click apply job sites allow you to apply for jobs quickly and easily. One-click saves job seekers the time and effort of having to fill out the same personal information and attach the same documents to each job ad they apply to. Also, because of this convenience, one-click apply allows employers to reach out to a larger pool of applicants.

Disadvantages of One-Click Apply

Even though this feature allows employers to reach out to a wider amount of applicants. This indirectly encourages quantity applications rather than quality applications. What this means is that any candidate with a marginal interest in the job, or unsure if they meet all the qualifications can still apply for the job. Despite the fact that applying with one click allows for more jobs to be applied, the success rate of one-click job applications is usually low.

How to utilize One-Click Apply

One-click apply can be beneficial for certain types of employment. For example, large businesses that hire thousands of individuals at a time (such as major retailers) require a large number of applications. One-click job applications may also be useful for discovering low-skill jobs that require little experience or education.


It's critical for job seekers to grasp what one-click offers and what it doesn't. An easier application process does not imply a faster path to the desired job. Based on the information about one-click, submitting a personalized application suited to the job opportunity at hand is your best chance of getting an interview.

If you come across an attractive position on a job board, consider all of your alternatives for applying. Look for the position you desire on the company's own careers page; it's likely to be posted there, and you can apply using their recommended method. Candidates who follow the employer's directions will usually have an advantage over applications coming from outside sources.

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