Real Estate - Potential Good Match email template

Recruiting real estate agents is the next step in upping your game in the real estate market. Having a solid team of agents will help your agency sell houses and increase turnover, along with ensuring recommendations from your buyers to their friends and colleagues. Making house sales smooth and simple will be key to growth.
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Why does it matter?

Ensuring you reach out to talented agents in your network, or in your passive pool of candidates can reduce overall recruitment costs, and lets the candidate know you believe their background is what you’re looking for.

When to send?

Sending out referral emails is usually done when the agency is ready and willing to take on a new agent and is looking for active applicants who may be a good fit for the business.

What to include?

  • Their name
  • Details about the open role
  • That you believe they are a good fit for the role
  • A question at the end to encourage a response
  • A little information about the company and benefits

Please keep in mind that this is a template. You may change it to suit your company's voice and tone.

Template Email

Email subject line: Job Opportunity at (insert organization name) - You could be a great match for us

Dear (insert name),

My name is (insert name), and I work with (insert company name). I have seen your profile and think you would be an excellent match for our open vacancy of (insert vacancy). I can see you currently work at (insert company name) and are in a similar role to ours. I would love the opportunity to discuss the opportunities this role could provide to help you further your real estate career.

Here at (insert company name), we offer some amazing benefits (insert benefits) and would love to chat with you about the roles we currently have available and how we may be a good fit for each other! I would love to chat further with you about the opportunity over coffee or lunch.

When would be a good time to schedule this?

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


(Insert Name)

(Insert Phone)

(Insert Email)

(Insert Position at the company)

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