Welcome New Employee email template

Sending a welcome email to the new employee will create a positive first impression from day one at work. Please note that you can always make changes to this template to better fit your brand.
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Why does it matter?

Making a new employee feel welcome is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy work environment. It will demonstrate that the organization is excited to welcome the new employee to the team, making the individual feel secure about their decision in accepting this position and motivated to work and learn.

When to send?

A welcome email to a new employee should be written and sent as soon as possible. We have prepared 2 email templates that can be sent a few days before work and on their first day at work. You can send this email in a form of an announcement to everyone in the team so that it informs coworkers about the new employee's position inside the company and the coworkers can contribute in welcoming the new employee to make a good first impression.

What to include?

Be sure to include the following information below in your welcome email:

  • Employee name, position, and start date
  • Dress code
  • Who will be the employee's manager/mentor

Template Email

Template 1: Welcome email announcement

Email subject line: Welcome to [Company Name]!

Hi [Employee’s First Name],

Welcome to [Company Name]!

We are thrilled to have you on board!

Your starting date as a [Job Title] will be at [Date]. We are expecting you to arrive at the office at [Time]. Our office follows a [Formal/Informal] dress code]. You will be working closely with [Co-Worker Name] who will serve as your mentor. You will find [Co-Worker Name] in our [Name of Department] on the [Number] floor.

We have prepared your workstation and planned out your first few days to make it as easy as possible for you to settle in. [If applicable, remind employees to bring their ID/ paperwork].

Congratulations once more! We are fortunate to have you as a member of our team and we look forward to meeting you on your first day of work!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Company Name]

Template 2: First day of work announcement

Email subject line: Welcome new joiner!

Hi [Company Name] Team,

Please welcome a new joiner to the [Company Name] team.

We have [Employee’s Full Name] as [Job Title] - his/her [Full Time/Part Time] position will be starting from today.

For more details, [Link to Company Directory]

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Company Name]

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