Interview Questions to Hire Shipping Manager

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Thanks to shipping managers, you can be sure your orders will be delivered safely to your destination. They oversee the shipments’ flow from the receipt of shipping orders to delivery. Shipping managers create and carry out shipping policies and procedures, oversee order preparation and shipment, and work with internal departments to improve shipping services.

During the interview process, be aware of applicants who have a strong understanding of logistical operations and can work under pressure. What you want to avoid are candidates that aren’t familiar with shipping software and lack leadership skills.

If you are unsure about what questions to ask, take a look at these questions below, where we divided them into two sections. 

Questions Related To Shipping Knowledge And Skills

  • How do you ensure the deliveries arrive at their destination according to schedule?
  • What strategy do you use when facing difficulties with carriers?
  • What shipping software works for you? What were the reasons?
  • How do you solve a difficult shipping order successfully?
  • What do you find difficult in budgeting, and how do you handle it?


Questions Related to Leadership Skills

  • What is your management style?
  • Have you ever mentored or trained someone before? What approach did you take?
  • Based on your experience, what does it take to develop a good team?
  • What do you do to motivate your team?
  • How do you normally handle disagreements between team members?



When interviewing shipping manager candidates, you need to keep in mind that they are responsible for shipping orders to arrive at their destination timely and according to budget. 

They negotiate transportation costs with carriers and organize and supervise the packaging of incoming and outgoing shipments. Also, they oversee or manage employees in the department.

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