Benefits Coordinator job description

This Benefits Coordinator job description template can be used to advertise open positions in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities according to the specific needs of the role.
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Job brief 

We are looking for a committed Benefits Coordinator to join the HR division of our organization. You will be answerable for regulating and administrating different representative advantages, including retirement investment funds, incapacity cover, life, and medical coverage, and parental leave.


  • Helping employees with enlistment in benefits programs, like medical coverage and retirement reserve funds.
  • Directing introductions and meetings to disclose advantages to representatives.
  • Liaising with insurance and investment funds suppliers for the benefit of workers and the organization.
  • Addressing various forms of feedback from workers about their advantages.
  • Staying up to date with employee records.
  • Bookkeeping the total expense to the organization of different advantages choices.
  • Helping with finance and payroll.
  • Guaranteeing that the organization's benefits strategy consents to laws and guidelines.
  • Educating employees regarding any progressions to their advantage.


  • Degree in HR or related field
  • Previous experience in HR, with benefits insight
  • Relevant certificate (like CEBS, CMS, or GBA) is a plus
  • Experience with finance and benefits programming
  • Phenomenal relationship and communication abilities
  • Solid organizational skills

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