Concrete Laborer job description

This Concrete Laborer job description template can be used to advertise an open role for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.
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Job brief

We are seeking a Concrete Laborer to join our team. This person will be responsible for designing and building concrete forms with construction machines or with hand-mixing tools. The Concrete Laborer's responsibilities include focusing on pouring concrete, applying sealant, and ensuring the project is waterproof. Lastly, the Concrete Laborer will work with other construction professionals on various job sites to pour concrete and construct concrete structures as needed.  


  • Designing, building, and setting up forms.
  • Pour, spread, and smoothen concrete. 
  • Use wire mesh to reinforce the concrete. 
  • Molding expansion joints and edges. 
  • Using stains and/or colors to add the finishing touch. 
  • Adding small stones or other materials for decorating.
  • Apply waterproofing and sealant to protect concrete work.
  • Actively monitoring the material to ensure it hardens into a durable finish.

Requirements and skills  

  • Proven experience as a Concrete Laborer 
  • Ability to perform burdensome tasks with hands
  • Ability to kneel, bend and lift heavy materials
  • Ability to make measurements accurately and read all the specifications given
  • Relevant training and/or specifications in Concrete Labor

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