Curator job description

Use this Curator job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.
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Job brief

We are looking for a Curator with a keen eye for detail to help us collect, reference, and display artifacts and art. Responsibilities include negotiating acquisitions and loans, raising funds, and recording information regarding the art pieces.


  • Research and record information about potential acquisitions.
  • Manage business-related tasks such as financing, marketing, and acting as a liaison for the company at public events.
  • Negotiate loans and purchases.
  • Fundraising to expand the collection and support research.
  • Manage the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections and related materials, including the selection of exhibition themes and designs.
  • Ensure that art pieces are stored in good condition.
  • Hire, train and manage curatorial, fiscal, technical, research, and clerical staff members.
  • Develop and maintain processes for cataloging and recordkeeping using computer databases.
  • Assess the need for repairs and ensure that climate and pest control issues are addressed.
  • Review grant journal articles, proposals, publicity materials, and institutional reports.
  • Authenticate origin, composition, history of acquisitions and assess their current value.


  • Bachelor degree in History, Art, or related field
  • 6+ years of curating, museum management, or other relevant experience
  • Prior fundraising experience
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Good eye for detail and compelling pieces
  • Excellent research and communicative abilities
  • Can work independently to achieve the company’s objectives

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