Photo Editor job description

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Job brief

We are seeking a Photo Editor to improve the quality of photos and other promotional materials. As Photo Editor, you will work with photographers and internal teams to bring projects to life for the editorial team.


  • Organize photography assignments and allocate projects to in-house photographers.
  • Consult with the editorial team and brainstorm creative ideas.
  • Employ photographers and negotiate fees.
  • Select photographs that supplement the text in the way envisioned by the editorial team.
  • Edit and position photographs to complement texts.
  • Keep track of industry trends and advancements in the field of photo editing.
  • Submit photographic templates and designs for validation in a timely demeanor.
  • Receive feedback from editorial teams and perform changes when needed.
  • Obtain the rights and permissions to shoot at specific locations.


  • Professional photography certification will be an advantage
  • 3+ years of photo editing experience
  • Proficient in photo editing softwares (eg. Photoshop and Lightroom)
  • Exceptional photographic and photo editing skills
  • Can manage a team and work collaboratively
  • Knowledge of copyright and other pertinent permissions
  • Communication skills

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