Senior Web Developer job description

This Senior Web Developer job description template can be used to advertise open positions in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities to meet the role’s specific needs.
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Job Brief

We are seeking a creative, experienced, and dynamic Senior Web Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a wealth of experience in developing cloud-based systems and have a good knowledge of several programming languages. The main focus of the role will be to develop high-tech applications and web-based platforms to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders.


  • Investigate and identify user requirements along with system requirements for new websites and applications requiring development.
  • Prioritize software development projects, set timelines, and assign tasks to team members.
  • Manage and prioritize development projects, assign timelines, and effectively delegate tasks to team members.
  • Create and develop wireframes to discover the best layout.
  • Write code and review code where required for various applications.
  • Ensure functionality by carrying out testing and debug code where required.
  • Monitor the performance and oversee Junior Developers to effectively evaluate their performance.
  • Collaborate with designers to decide on user interface elements such as graphics and navigation bars and buttons.
  • Ensure the documentation for each piece of developed software or application is kept up to date and easily accessible for future use.
  • Work alongside mobile developers to create and build mobile-accessible websites.


  • Bachelor’s or above in Computer Science or other related fields
  • Previous work experience in a Web Developer position preferably as a Senior Developer or a Supervisor
  • Proficient in multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP
  • Demonstrated knowledge of HTML/CSS 
  • Experience with creating prototypes and mockups
  • Good understanding of stabilization and security practices
  • Knowledge of network diagnostic tools
  • Great leadership, mentoring, and team management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to take responsibility and accountability for own workload with great time management abilities

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