Surveyor job description

This Surveyor job description template can be used to advertise an open position in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities according to the needs of your specific role!
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Job brief

We are seeking to fill a lucrative position as a Surveyor in our company! The surveyor is responsible for staking out reference points and markers that guide the construction project's new structures (or related) with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Collect aerial and underground field and engineering data.
  • Performs topographical site surveys to collect, analyze and organize basic engineering data to develop design layouts and prepare all engineering documentation required for a completely functional design.
  • Surveying land and deciphering elevations, lines, area, and contours for projects.
  • Develop new data, maintain accurate notes, and coordinate findings.
  • Be responsible for providing information to company supervisors, clients, or other personnel, to ensure findings reported comply with engineering standards and other site requirements.
  • Research previous survey evidence, maps, deeds, physical evidence, and other records to obtain data needed to perform and/or maintain the survey.
  • Conduct as-built surveys for verification purposes.
  • Inspect work for conformance to design drawings.
  • Coordinate inspections with consultants and authorities.


  • Minimum of five years in a construction survey environment
  • Completed civil engineering/geomatics diploma or equivalent
  • Excellent GPS & Total Station knowledge
  • Strong knowledge of all other general surveying techniques & equipment, laser, leveling, string lines, etc
  • Working knowledge of complex surveyor tools and GPS equipment
  • Experience using AutoCAD would be considered an asset
  • Detail-oriented with strong communication and critical thinking skills
  • Possess positive personal qualities such as integrity, creativity, high standards, and ethical values
  • Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions

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