Talent Acquisition Manager job description

Use this Talent Acquisition Manager job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.
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Job brief

We are seeking a Talent Acquisition Manager to work with hiring managers to identify talent needs and find outstanding candidates through a range of channels.


  • Design and implement long-term strategies for talent acquisition and recruiting.
  • Plan, organize and carry out employer branding activities.
  • Encourage your team to act as brand ambassadors.
  • Source and search for qualified candidates for open positions.
  • Examine the organization's development and future employment needs.
  • Assist with events like job fairs and on-campus recruitment.
  • Represent the organization at internal and external events to network and build contacts with potential candidate populations.
  • Conduct background checks.
  • Respond to queries about perks, remuneration, and corporate culture.
  • Establish long-term relationships with candidates.
  • Find candidates using professional networks or social media.
  • Organize assessment tests, phone screenings, and in-person interviews.
  • Prepare position-specific job descriptions and interview questions.
  • Participate in career and college fairs, as well as other comparable events.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for human resources and recruiting.
  • Produce KPI reports.


  • X years of experience as a Talent Acquisition Manager or similar role
  • MA in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field
  • Complete understanding of full-cycle recruiting and employer branding techniques
  • Proven expertise posting jobs on social media and job boards
  • Experience with HRIS, ATS, Sourcing, and Recruitment Marketing tools
  • Employee motivation ability
  • Critical thinker and ability to solve problems
  • Excellent time management
  • Team player and can communicate effectively
  • Optimism and a can-do attitude
  • Impressive presentation style

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