Veterinary Assistant job description

This Veterinary Assistant job description template can be used to advertise an open position in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities according to the needs of your specific role!
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Job brief

We are seeking a professional, kind, and caring Veterinary Assistant to join our team. The ideal fit for the role will have a strong background in animal care, both educationally and practically, and have a genuine love for animals! The focus of the role is to aid the veterinarians and veterinary technicians, and surgeons to help all procedures and appointments run smoothly.


  • Assist in greeting animals and their owners while they attend appointments.
  • Check animals and owners in for appointments.
  • Provide a recap on the last appointment if applicable.
  • Assist with holding and restraining animals when needed for examinations to be done or for medication to be administered.
  • Take blood samples from animals under the supervision of the vet and insert IV lines when required.
  • Pass on all samples to the lab for the samples to be run.
  • Provide lab results to the vet.
  • Administer medication under the supervision of the vet.
  • Assist with kenneling animals if applicable, including cleaning out kennels and attending to animals' needs.
  • Provide food and water to animals in the practice care.
  • Provide updates to pet owners about the status of their pets.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Vocational training or certification in animal care or vet assisting
  • Two years’ experience working in an animal-focused environment
  • Good knowledge of animal breeds
  • Demonstrated ability to use veterinary equipment
  • Confident in restraining animals in a non-harmful way
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Kind and caring in nature

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