GDPR Compliance Overview

What is GDPR?

GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is a series of regulations established by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union in April 2016. Officially initiated on 25 May of 2018, GDPR replaced the earlier Data Protection Directive as the leading law on data protection within the European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU).

Primarily and most importantly, GDPR empowers individuals with the right to control their personal data.

Additional Resources:

  1. 1. Official Journal of the European Union: General Data Protection Regulation
  2. 2. Official Journal: Data Protection Directive
  3. 3. European Commission: Rules for business and organizations

About Manatal and GDPR compliance

One of the core beliefs Manatal has and puts into practice is information protection. We do not condone any illegal data possession, thus we provide sturdy safeguard while using your Manatal account.

  • We make sure all information is stored under your consent

  • We encrypt our clients’ information property and what they share with us

  • Clients have the right to require data removal

Later on the page, you will learn what methods Manatal takes to ensure your right and privacy to stay GDPR compliant.

How Manatal helps you stay compliant

As a diligent recruiter, you work hard to make connections with the talents through calls and emails. Finally, you collect abundant candidate information, with them being stored in spreadsheets on your personal laptop.

Yet, here are some things you should know about excel documents and spreadsheets.

  1. 1. They are clumsy and difficult to navigate
  2. 2. They lack agile function to create dashboards and reports
  3. 3. They are slow and insufficient for team collaboration
  4. 4. In terms of data protection, they are highly unreliable

To be fully spared from the tragic data theft situation, switching to a cloud-based software that thoroughly protects your info is the solution.

In order to provide a safe and trustworthy recruiting software to our clients, Manatal devotes effort to securing any information saved in each of our clients’ databases, regardless of their nationalities and geographic regions.

Note that using spreadsheets increases the risk of not being GDPR compliant. Here’s what Manatal does:

We provide access for you to activate GDPR compliance features. Once you have enabled these features, you will have access to tools and reports to help you stay compliant. Here is how it will go:

  • We encrypt all of our clients' candidate databases
  • We run daily back-ups of our database to ensure your information bank is safe.
  • For more information, please check Manatal’s Security page
  • We offer customized consent date reminder feature (available with custom plan)
  • We support you with analytics regarding candidate consent status. This will allow you to set up goals and guidelines to stay compliant.

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