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Craft a Solid Career Page with an ATS

According to LinkedIn’s research from 2020, top channels for people when it comes to finding job opportunities include job boards, social media sites, employee referrals, email job alerts, and career pages. In the ever-competitive recruitment market, it is the utmost priority for companies to optimize these channels and make each of them stand out in order to attract top talents. 

One of the first channels you should turn your attention to is the career page. Job seekers tend to visit companies’ career sites after discovering job opportunities as it factors into their decisions to apply or not. 

Marching towards the recruitment battlefield without a career page is equal to leaving your sword and shield back home. You won’t taste victory. Candidates will not be able to clearly visualize your brand as a desired place of work and put their interests in companies that have solid career sites instead. 

There are many companies out there that are strengthening their brands with career pages. However, some of them might not be doing it correctly. Some of the career sites floating around the internet might even look 90% alike. To accomplish the employer branding game, you must set your career page apart from other players’. 

Be that as it may, creating a solid career page might be like rolling a boulder up the hill for non-tech-savvy companies, as it involves a good amount of coding and IT expertise. 

Luckily, there are many solutions out there that are designed to help you overcome the IT struggle without shedding blood, sweat, and tears. An Applicant Tracking System is one of them. Packed with innovative features and automation power, crafting a solid career page will be like a walk in the park. 

Let’s scroll down and learn more about how an ATS can help you accomplish a high-quality career page. 

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Applicant Tracking System 

An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a digital tool specifically designed to help users manage their recruitment more efficiently. The software automates and streamlines the process, making the process flow faster from end to end.  

At the same time, an ATS also comes with innovative features that allow its users to strengthen and expand the visibility of their brands with ease. This includes the ability to create customizable career pages any way they imagine. 

The capability to fast-track the hiring process and allow companies to showcase their unique qualities - especially to their target candidates -  makes the ATS an essential tool for recruitment and employer branding today. 

With an ATS at your disposal, you can save your budget for a service from an IT master and a fair amount of time. You will be able to showcase all the qualities that make you a desirable employer, and your company, a place that helps people thrive. With a career page builder embedded within the ATS, recruiters will be able to showcase their brand as an employer, as well as engage with potential candidates. This is a great way for recruiters to accomplish mission critical tasks seamlessly.

Build a Career Page with an ATS 

Fully Branded Experience 

A career page should be properly managed and be in line with the corporate look. A fully branded experience allows candidates to have a solid visualization of a company’s identity. At the same time, it gives visitors confidence that you are a reliable, professional, and well-organized firm. A unified brand image is a powerful tool to attract and influence candidates to become part of your company. 

You might think it’s a good idea to be creative and make each of your channels unique on its own. Turning your career page design into something entirely different from your corporate look. The fact is, it’s not an excellent strategy at all. Incomplete brand visualization would only make visitors perceive you as an unreliable or untrustworthy company. Keep in mind that all of your channels must be in line and should be able to link with one another.   

Nike recognizes the importance of a fully branded experience and ensures that all of its channels coincide with the corporate design, including its career page. The global sportswear titan’s latest look is black and white. Nike’s career site effectively reflects its image by using black as a foundation of the page with white text as well as showcasing the essence of the company’s product. The career site links to Nike’s other online profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, all displaying the same logo and color scheme.  

Providing a superb experience with a unified look can be quite challenging. You need to thoroughly examine the blueprint of your design and make sure that all sites are adopting the same look. Without tools to automate the process or simplify the creation of your career page, your branding might not be as smooth as you expect.      

An ATS provides its users with the ability to create career pages that match their visions and corporate guidelines. No need to go through complex processes, you can just grab a mouse and a keyboard, then start crafting a career page in any way you imagine. Further, an ATS allows you to link a career page to your existing online platforms to create an unmatched branded experience for candidates.  

Inspire Visitors with Different Types of Content 

Content is one of the key ingredients for an effective career page. It reflects a company’s essence and communicates their brand messages to visitors. Content makes it easy for companies to showcase how they treat their employees and how many growth opportunities they are offering. 

An attractive career page should not contain only one type of content. The digital audience today prefers short and useful content like videos, graphics, and iconography. It is a must to comprise your career site with mixed content to become a standout and attractive site. 

Take a look at Tiktok’s career page as a good example. The world-popular social network platform utilizes mixed content to enrich its career page and showcase its fun side to candidates. Right from the top of the page, Tiktok starts with a video presenting a diverse group of employees focusing on their work from offices around the globe. Just below, the company showcases its values and goals through short texts and fun graphics. Tiktok reiterates to visitors that it provides a warm workplace through images of its team members collaborating with smiles.     

When it comes to inspiring candidates with rich content like that, uploading large video files, high-quality images, or unique icons can consume a great deal of your time. As time is of the essence, top talents are waiting to discover your company. You can’t let this issue stand in your way. 

An ATS that comes with customizable career page builders can help companies decide how to showcase their brand and inspire prospective employees in just a few steps. 

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Tell Your Story

Your history, your goals, and your values are the main infrastructures for a solid career page. One of the top reasons that candidates visit your website is to learn more about your company, see how successful you are, and determine how far they can grow with you. These components directly affect candidates' decisions in applying for your open jobs.  

Leaving your history empty would give a vague perception to visitors. To have no care for showcasing your success over the year would also leave a weak impression on candidates, as it might lead them to think that you are an undesirable place of work with a low chance of growth. 

Henkel, a big chemical and consumer goods company from Germany known for Schwarzkopf hair products, understands the importance of the storytelling aspect in a career page. The company properly guides visitors through its story by implementing the ‘milestone & achievements' sub-page. The page contains three landing pages that allow candidates to explore Henkel’s history, jubilee timeline, and accolades.    

It is a complicated process, planning out a page that could fit all of your history and achievements. Moreover, the layouts might not be able to meet your expectations. An ATS recognizes this particular pain point and offers a solution as a feature that allows you to design a career page in any way you like.  

An ATS provides you with the power to layout your career page from scratch. Guiding your website visitors through your history with a timeline format or making a section of each accomplishment throughout different eras can be done quickly and easily. Whatever storytelling style fits your brand, an ATS can make it possible.

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Automate Job Descriptions

One of the main purposes of a career page is to attract top talents. What is the strongest magnet that draws candidates' attention and influences them to join your company? The job description. Most candidates take only 14 seconds to look at job descriptions and decide whether or not they should apply for certain advertised positions. 

Therefore, your job descriptions must be tight and right-to-the-point. Job seekers should know right away what kind of talents are expected for each open position. Irrelevant content or lengthy descriptions should be avoided. Candidates are looking for job opportunities from multiple sites, and they’d like to find them quickly. They don’t have that much time to invest in reading through unnecessary paragraphs. 

Airbnb, a big player in the homestay rental industry, understands the needs of job seekers and hits them with upper-cut job descriptions. In the sub-pages for each job opening, the company explains who it is, what its goals are, a clear definition of the positions, what kind of individuals would fit each role, why candidates should work for the company, main responsibilities, and minimum requirements of the jobs.  

A career page with high-quality job descriptions like the example above leads candidates right to what they need to know and rounds them up with the reason why they should decide to join the company if they have what it takes to fit in. 

This is a good idea to attract candidates and optimize a career page. However, preparing job descriptions for multiple positions, in reality, is a daunting task should you choose to do it manually. You might get stuck in the process way longer than your expectation and fail to launch a career site in time.    

You can survive the task and accomplish attractive job descriptions easily with the help of an ATS. Some ATSs on the market, including Manatal, provide ready-to-use job descriptions covering main job positions across industries. All you have to do is take the descriptions and spice them up with your unique attributes as a company, and expect top talents to come through in no time!        

Let Manatal be Your Help

Guaranteed by users across the globe, Manatal is a well-designed Applicant Tracking System that aims at helping its users optimize their recruitment process while hammering down a concrete pillar on their brands. With Manatal at your disposal, attracting top talents and managing them through the hiring process can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly.     

Manatal’s ATS helps you save costs on additional IT services by bypassing the complex coding process. Through the user-friendly interface and an easy-to-read dashboard, anyone can operate our platform without needing help from your IT department.   

Further, Manatal’s innovative features provide users the freedom to strengthen their brand by designing career pages that meet their visions from the ground up. Uploading and publishing various types of content like videos, images, or graphics to enrich your career site and magnetize top talents’ attention can be done within a few clicks.   

With the capability to link the career page to your existing website and other platforms such as social media sites, coupled with the capability to integrate a chatbot service, Manatal ensures that candidates visiting your career page will have a fully branded experience.

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Bring It All Together 

Employer branding is one of the most effective strategies for companies to expand and maintain their momentums in the industry. According to LinkedIn, companies that manage unified brands see an increase in their job application rates by 87%. At the same time, these companies have raised three times their conversion-to-hire rates. 

A career page is an effective tool that can help companies reinforce their images and communicate brand messages to candidates. It is a channel that is specifically designed to attract top talents by showcasing companies’ identities, histories, goals, and achievements, as well as informing job seekers about who they are looking for. 

To neglect one’s career page is to reduce the chance of attracting top candidates and expanding one’s business. In the current recruitment market, time is a variable that determines the accomplishment of companies. One second ahead could lead you to a victory over competitors. 

Today, an efficient tool that enables you to manage and expand your brand visibility while crafting a solid career page in a blink of an eye is essential. Manatal is a digital solution specifically designed to optimize your employer branding with many innovative features. A solid career page can be designed and managed in a way that meets your company’s vision. 

At the same time, you will have the power to attract and inspire top talents by publishing content like images, videos, and unique icons. You can guide candidates through your history and inspire them to join your ranks within a few clicks. All of this can be achieved in a single platform.  

Would you like to know more? Start your 14-day free trial now and further explore Manatal’s innovative features that are designed to help you reinforce your employer branding strategy and attract top talents right to your doorstep. 

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