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How ATS Speeds Up the Hiring Process for Gen Z

Welcome to the post-pandemic world where almost every company across the globe has embraced hybrid and remote work as regular work modes. 

As remote work has proven to be an efficient way to continue business operations and speed up the work process from end to end, we can expect a majority of the workforce to work remotely by 2025. 

Now, working remotely in the recruitment industry, speed has become one of the important factors as smart technology enables recruiters to push the hiring process faster than before. 

In the mission to widen the talent pool, add high-quality talents to databases, and find the right talent for empty seats today, recruiters should pause to give some thoughtful consideration for Gen Z candidates who are entering the workforce today.

Smart tech and digital work processes are the perfect ingredients for an efficient hybrid and remote work model. Going forward, who could be better to lead the industry than the ones who have been connected to technology since birth? 

Entering the working world to become the future of the workforce, Gen Zs were born into a hyperconnected world. Their ability to catch up with the ever-evolving technologies quickly makes them valuable assets to companies across multiple industries that are pivoting to digitalization. 

Their speed doesn't end there. The fact that they are smart-gadget oriented from a young age makes them expect things to be done at a faster pace than others. When it comes down to applying for jobs, Gen Zs expect the hiring process to be within the period of two weeks.  

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For recruiters out there, pacing up to meet the speed of Gen Zs' expectations while managing remote recruitment is not impossible to accomplish. However, without an efficient tool to help you manage the hiring process while allowing you to focus on important factors that attract Gen Z candidates, remote work can become a challenge rather than a benefit.  

The good news, though, is that we have a solution for you. First, let's scroll down and learn more about Gen Zs' expectations when it comes to job seeking. Then, take a look at the challenges in remote recruitment and find out how you can overcome them while speeding up the hiring process to cater to the needs of Gen Zers with the help of an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. 

Gen Z: Fast & Furious Generation

Gen Zs are a group of young workers and fresh graduates who are set to become the future leaders of industries entering a carbon neutral age. They were born in the digital age and grew up with new generations of computers, digital equipment, and media like Netflix and YouTube. 

Exposed to fast-paced media and high-speed internet all their lives, Gen Zs are not attracted by outdated recruitment methods as 54% of them are turning away from applying for companies that are still processing with a physical document. At the same time, Gen Zs are not expecting the hiring process to have a long timeline. 

When it comes to an ideal workplace, Gen Zs are looking for an employer who is transparent, cares about their well-being, both mentally and physically, puts the environment as one of the top priorities, supports diversity, provides an inclusive work environment, and most importantly, keeps up with technology trends.  

Challenges in the Hiring Process

Pacing yourselves to catch up with the expectations of Gen Z candidates amidst the remote work era is not a walk in the park. Throughout the hiring process, should you march forward without any tools, wishing on the stars that nothing could go wrong, you are looking at challenges waiting in line to knock on your front door. 

Here are significant challenges that could hurt your recruitment process and turn off Gen Zs' interest in establishing relationships with you.  

Drowning Over Countless Applications

The job market today has gotten more competitive than ever. One of the recruiters' most crucial tasks is to find prospective candidates, make a shortlist of qualified applicants, and fill in open positions with the right talents before their competitors do.

However, with an overload of CVs on recruiters' desks each day, It is impossible for them to identify the qualified candidates as fast as they think. All they can do is take a deep breath, dive into an ocean of applicants, and hope that the right talents will be spotted on their first try.

Without help from an efficient tool that allows you to manage applicants and properly source candidates, there are high chances that you'll be unable to push your hiring process forward and find the perfect candidates in time.

Of course, being cautious and smart right at the beginning by writing a clear and detailed job description can help you weed out the unqualified applicants. However, as speed is now the name of the game, it won't provide you with enough boost to dash over your competitors and identify the right talents within your expected timeline.

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Different Time Zones 

The pandemic has forever changed the perspective of recruiters and companies on where the right talent should come from. Recruiters are able to search and engage prospective candidates overseas as the talent pool is now borderless. Rather than thinking about who recruiters can hire that are close by, the big question now is 'disregarding where you are, do you have the right skill set for the job?'

This represents a bright and exciting future for the recruitment industry. However, communicating through different time zones can cause hiccups throughout the hiring process. Scheduling interviews and orchestrating real-time assessments with candidates will not be a smooth ride.

In today’s context of hyperconnectivity, instant messages and 24/7 service, going about your tasks without a solid tool could result in overlapping schedules, missed interviews and lost assessments. The conflict in scheduling also expands towards your communication with customers who are based overseas.

It goes without saying that inefficient collaboration with both candidates and customers will decrease the chance of filling open positions with the right talent and helping your customers accomplish their goals. It will hurt your brand as a reliable service provider as well.

Which Applicants Possess the Right Skillset?

Dealing with many tasks in multiple projects simultaneously can stop you from making a smart and precise decision on the right candidate, especially when you have to work apart from your team members.

A thorough evaluation of candidates' skill sets, experiences, and expertise is a necessary step in the hiring process. It takes more than what has been written on candidates' CVs to determine whether or not they are the perfect fit for certain roles. Beyond the paper, there are a lot more aspects, qualities, and characteristics.

Conducting the hiring process remotely, recruiters might not be able to get to know candidates and bond with them on a deeper level, which in turn influences the effectiveness of their decisions.

As an end result, you could place the wrong candidate in the wrong position. Eventually, they will start looking for jobs that are more suitable for them and leave their mismatched roles. Remember that Gen Z candidates are new to the workforce, and have a set of expectations from the companies they work for.

The negative effect of this situation will fall on your customers, as they would have to invest their money, time, and effort to start the recruitment process all over again.

Speed Things Up with ATS

Efficient & Fast Candidate Screening

An Applicant Tracking System is able to help recruiters go through the applicant screening and complete the hiring process faster. ATS comes with the ability to automatically screen and weed out unqualified candidates based on their CVs.

ATS like Manatal allows users to easily manage their candidates and keep track of each progress with its easy-to-read dashboard. With Manatal, you can create a shortlist of high-quality candidates and speed up the hiring process within a few clicks.

Our software thoroughly scans job descriptions and extracts the core skills and requirements required for the positions. Then, it cross-references the results with users' talent pool to match candidates who possess the skill set that fits with the positions the most.

Manatal also allows you to fully customize criteria to filter recommended candidates and quickly make a shortlist of your top choices based on their skills, work experiences, and academic backgrounds.

Moreover, Manatal's recommended feature helps ensure that there's no delay in your hiring process and that no unqualified individuals are slipping into your list. The feature compares candidates' skills, locations, positions, and education to the requirements of the open jobs, then ranks candidates based on the criteria you select. You'll be able to identify the most suitable candidates from their scores.

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Manage Interviews & Collaborate within a Few Clicks  

ATS is a powerful tool that can help recruiters avoid facing the scheduling conflict issue and smoothly manage interviews with the candidate while seamlessly collaborating with customers from anywhere on earth.

With Manatal's ATS in hand, you will be able to effectively collaborate and manage your virtual meeting calendar within a few clicks. Manatal's collaborative feature is specifically fine-tuned to keep overlapping schedules away from your desk.

Keeping your team members and customers up to date on every progress is not easy to accomplish when you're operating remotely. Manatal's team chat feature was specifically created to help you go through the collaboration and interview management with ease. All concerned parties will be granted the ability to communicate and keep track of every movement in the hiring process in real-time, wherever they are.

During the candidate management process, customers can make points, leave comments, and inform recruiters regarding the applicants they'd like to interview.

Get the right Talent for the Right Job

Knowing candidates and seeing all of their dimensions is the key to making an effective decision on the right talents for the roles. Applicant Tracking System is a tool that can help you make a smarter choice in less time by allowing you to learn beyond candidates' CVs.

Manatal's ATS provides you the bridge to connect with candidates to a deeper degree. Its social media enrichment feature browses the web and looks for candidates' available online profiles from more than 20 leading social media platforms, then migrates that information into your candidate database to show you more insights like their additional capabilities and their goals.

Manatal's AI processing system consolidates information, messages, and feedback from each candidate or job vacancy throughout the hiring process, then stores this past information for analysis and leverages it in the future.

Wrapping It Up 

The hybrid work and remote work model has changed the flow of the work process for the better, as things are moving faster and can be managed in a shorter timeline. Post-pandemic, remote work has proved to be an efficient work mode and set itself as a regular work method.

Many industries are affected by this trend, including the recruitment field. Digital tools and equipment are essential pieces to successful remote work, especially when it comes to recruitment, as speed becomes the key factor. 

On the candidate's side, Gen Zs are a group of young talents most familiar with the ever-evolving technologies and digital equipment. Set to become the future of the workforce, Gen Zs are a group of candidates that recruiters should pay extra attention to in the digital era, where relationship establishment is conducted through the screen.

As fast as they learn and pick up new trends, Gen Z candidates expect the hiring process to start and reach its finish line in a shorter timeline. Now, it is hard to keep up with Gen Z's speed while tackling challenges that arise amidst remote work. It is essential that recruiters must look for an efficient tool that can help them overcome the obstacle while ensuring a strong relationship established with these young talents.

Applicant Tracking System is the ultimate solution that can guide recruiters through their hiring process quickly and smoothly. ATS like Manatal was designed to optimize the recruitment process while allowing recruiters to fully focus on the important elements in bonding with candidates, especially Gen Zs.

With features like candidate sourcing that weeds out unqualified applicants and helps you identify the most suitable talents in a flash, coupled with team collaboration that allows all stakeholders to seamlessly communicate in real-time 24/7 from anywhere, and the social enrichment that closes the gap with candidates by enabling you to get to know them beyond their CVs, you can be assured that your hiring process will be managed smoothly, fastly, and certainly up to the speed of Gen Zs.

Start your 14-day Free Trial now to discover Manatal’s additional features and find out many creative ways to boost your pace to match the speed of Gen Zs expectations While ensuring the smooth hiring process.

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