Overcoming Common Roadblocks in the Automation Journey

In the post-pandemic world, organizations embracing innovative technologies are seeing a higher chance of winning the recruitment game. This is especially true in the HR world, where technologies that are able to automate the time-consuming tasks in the hiring funnel have become essential. But no matter how promising the shift to automation may seem, our efforts can be quickly upended without consideration of the common roadblocks.

Roadblocks Defined

Automation can change a recruiter’s role as well as their day-to-day responsibilities.  Even just mentioning the term “automation” can raise red flags with employees who immediately feel their sense of security and purpose in the workplace being threatened.

That’s a roadblock.  

However, the fact remains that the human element is one of the most important components in the hiring process. The truth is automation technology is entering the scene to spark innovation rather than kicking recruiters out of their desks. Overcoming roadblocks isn’t always easy, but with the information below, organizations can put themselves in a stronger position to gain employee support and show them how they can thrive towards success with automation technology. 

Failing to See the Advantages

Over 90% of the world’s executives believe that process automation is the key to ensuring business continuity in the post-pandemic marketplace.  However, resistance from ‘rank and file’ employees who fail to immediately see the advantages of new technology is a possibility.  By simply engaging with employees and encouraging candid feedback prior to the implementation, organizations can effectively promote the advantages of automation and gain more ‘buy-in’ from their employees.

Automation Perceived as Threatening Job Security

Does automation threaten job security, or can it empower employees? The pandemic accelerated the development of many innovations in automation, but some believe this automation equates to job losses.  As mentioned above, we disagree.  This roadblock can be overcome by presenting the paradigm that automation removes the time-consuming, manual processes that can take up a recruiter’s workday.  In the HR world, this means that recruiters gain back valuable time to dedicate to tailored recruitment efforts.

When organizations can do more with less, they’re able to improve and expand, and that is tied directly to their competitive strength in the marketplace.

Innovative technology like an Applicant Tracking System or ATS ensures the security of recruiters’ positions while making their days easier by automating the majority of processes in the recruitment funnel. An ATS like Manatal is designed to elevate recruiters’ performance while optimizing their hiring process.

Automated features like job sharing via numerous online channels, CV parsing, AI recommendations, candidates scoring, and more will help recruiters discover top talents and fill them in open spots quickly and efficiently.

Resistance to Change

Most employees prefer stability and predictability. Change their daily work routine, and you will see roadblocks appear. This is especially true when new technologies are introduced. This is where engaging with employees for their feedback will yield rewards. Discuss how a new software program is intended to make their jobs easier via automation. Present the information in an environment where employees can provide their honest feedback. 

No Idea How to Begin

Organizations must either adapt to the digital marketplace or continue losing to their competition. Unfortunately, most companies experience a roadblock because they have no strategy on how to begin their journey towards automation. Here are some tips to help you get a solid take-off: 

  • Determine what problems need to be solved by automation technology.
  • What tasks are dominating your staff’s time? Can they be automated?
  • Talk to reputable vendors and take advantage of software demonstrations.
  • Establish a test environment with plans to migrate existing data.

Software demonstrations are a fantastic way to assess how you can begin software implementation, and it can demonstrate the software’s value in solving your organization’s specific problems.  Solutions providers like Manatal can often guide you through an implementation strategy that is uniquely fitted to  suit your processes.

Porting Existing Information

Data hasn’t just increased in terms of volume, but also in its complexity.  Determining how to securely transfer data from one software platform to another is another common roadblock, but you can take comfort in knowing that data migration is an industry.  Every software vendor understands that data migration will be a key concern for new clients and the best vendors are fully equipped with the appropriate technology to handle a wide array of data sources.

Manatal’s ATS enables data migration to be performed smoothly, and without loss of key information, such as candidates’ details, contacts, matche, and more can be fluently imported into a single platform in a quick and secure way.

Security of Data

Data security concerns can also become a roadblock when adopting new technologies, especially when Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-based solutions are on the table, and most immediately assume that data stored ‘in a cloud’ is more vulnerable than data stored on a local hard drive.

But take a closer look and you’ll discover that SaaS is a standard model for software used in today’s digital marketplace.  In fact, many organizations rely quite heavily on these SaaS platforms to support their ‘mission-critical’ applications. That fact has made SaaS security a crucial component of modern-day cybersecurity efforts.

Manatal places cybersecurity as our top priority, which has led us to being awarded the SOC 2 Type II certification.  Verified by a top third-party auditor. SOC 2 Type II is one of the top security certifications for SaaS platforms. It ensures that Manatal has an effective security program and its customers’ data will always be protected.

Adaptability / Lack of Tech Skills

How will your staff adapt to a new software platform?  Do they currently possess the requisite skills?  

The pandemic taught our workforce that they had to possess basic technical skills if they wish to remain ‘employable,’ and that goes far in eliminating this roadblock.  The best software designers take the ‘common’ employee in mind when designing the user interface of their platforms. That means anyone with the technical savvy to navigate social media and or use the internet can, perhaps with a little guidance, adapt to a new software program quite easily.

With Manatal’s easy-to-use interface - designed to allow anyone to operate the platform - recruiters, hiring managers and even clients can view and understand the analytics available on the consolidated dashboard. 


Our company is different.’ ‘We do things this way.’ These are common roadblocks - knee-jerk reactions that can undermine your software implementation strategies before they even get started. The truth is that SaaS recruitment technologies like Manatal are highly customizable to any organization.  Don’t take our word for it.  Your organization can discover this for itself by taking advantage of a free 14-day trial by Manatal. 


Look. Business leaders are going to want assurances before spending money, especially on a new software program. One of the marquee advantages of SaaS recruitment technology solutions is that they don’t require an investment in additional infrastructure or equipment because the platform is securely hosted in the cloud and maintained entirely by the software vendor, not the client.

Even more appealing is the fact that payment is often a subscription, based on a fee per user per month, which is a fee structure that can be remarkably economical.    


Integrating automation and technology enhancements is an ongoing journey in self-improvement for an organization, and roadblocks like the ones mentioned above shouldn’t stand in your way.  Many of these impediments can be rapidly overcome by taking advantage of free trials.  Software trials can demonstrate what kind of specific results you can expect to gain from adopting a certain software solution without any liabilities, and trials can be effective in obtaining greater levels of ‘buy-in’ from reluctant employees.

Manatal, an industry leader in recruitment technology, aims at helping you remove the roadblocks that are standing in the path towards success. Organizations and recruitment agencies currently considering new innovations in HR automation technologies will want to give Manatal’s cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform a much closer look.

Start your 14-day free trial now to discover Manatal’s innovative features that are designed to automate the recruitment process and help recruiters eliminate obstacles that are blocking them from achieving their goals.

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