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5 Ways for a Recruiter to Smash Targets in 2023 with a CRM

Consider for a moment that a vast majority of recruiting professionals today understand that the best way to enhance their recruitment efforts is to invest in new recruitment software technologies, including a CRM dedicated to Recruitment. 

From an HR perspective, the software commonly found at the heart of an organization’s recruitment strategies is likely to be a powerful, cloud-based applicant tracking system, or ATS.  While ATS systems once served primarily as a receptacle or database for storing applicant data, the newest ATS systems on the market today are true powerhouses that are fueling recruitment success amidst a highly competitive job market.  

That’s largely why 98% of Fortune 500 companies rely on an ATS and why 78% of employers who have invested in an ATS say it makes locating and hiring great talent as simple as it has ever been.

However, we’re just getting to the good stuff.  It’s true that investing in an ATS system can bring your organization up to par with just about every Fortune 500 company that uses one to support their recruiting efforts. 

However, recruitment agencies that include the customer relationship management software (recruitment CRM) component with their ATS are the ones having the greatest amount of success in ensuring their businesses are on track in terms of meeting customer needs, developing their sales pipelines and keeping relationships with clients up to date and warm. 

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What is Recruiting CRM 

We should make a clear distinction that there is a wide array of CRM software technologies on the market today.  For HR professionals and recruiters, it’s an acronym that might mean candidate relationship management or customer relationship management

For our purposes, we’ll refer to customer relationship management applied to the recruitment industry.

Recruitment agencies and headhunting firms stand to gain the most in terms of the advantages that come from adopting recruitment CRM tools into their recruitment tech stack.  These organizations often find themselves having to balance efforts between the clients they serve and the candidates that they attract.  With the suite of tools offered in recruitment CRM, recruitment agencies and headhunters can effectively manage their client and candidate data simultaneously using a single portal or platform.

We’ll touch on some of those topics below, but here are five ways that recruitment CRM is playing a huge role in helping recruiters smash through their recruitment goals and targets in a very tough job market.

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1. Recruitment CRM Leads to Business Expansion

Few organizations wouldn’t list business expansion as a target or goal.  The reality is that organizations are best positioned to expand when they’re at their most productive and hiring the right workers the first time around has a distinct connection to how productive an organization is.  

Recruiters can make significant progress toward business expansion by taking advantage of the productivity-boosting capabilities within the CRM software that helps to ensure their making the right hires.  With the right recruitment CRM, recruiters can work much more efficiently.  

This inevitably leads to opportunities to gain back more crucial time to focus their efforts on tailoring their recruitment strategies.  For example, recruiting CRM tools can be especially useful in identifying bottlenecks in the recruitment process, and they can also help team leaders track the progress and results of recruiters over time.

After the tumultuousness of the last few years, the marketplace has demonstrated that, for recruitment businesses to expand, they need to establish a reputation for being trustworthy and credible above all else.  

That very trust and credibility isn’t immediately apparent in new relationships.  It must be cultivated over time, and only after your organization can deliver on what it promises.  As recruitment CRM tools are helping organizations cultivate these trust-based relationships, it opens up new doors that often lead to new streams of revenue and opportunities for business expansion. 

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2. Capitalize on Relationships

How many recruiters feel like they could be so much more productive and be able to smash through their targets if they could just get everyone “on the same page?!”  

Recruitment CRM tools give recruiters a way to do this with an interface that allows them to optimize their collaborative efforts by providing them with a single dashboard to access both internal and external communications.  With all communications streamlined via one central platform, recruitment teams have access to all the information they need to smash through their targets.  

This is especially true for recruiting and headhunting agencies.  By using the same platform, these organizations can build an immediate understanding of the nuances of unique hiring situations, including hiring needs, recruitment sources, etc with their customers.  

3. Analytics-Driven Decision Making

According to the Harvard Business Review, the market’s best-performing companies are five times more likely to make key decisions on the basis of extracted data and metrics.  Recruitment CRM software gives organizations a huge competitive edge because of how the software can be used to leverage the recruitment data from their ATS systems to inform client management.

With an ATS that’s augmented with recruitment CRM, recruiters can evaluate each step in their recruitment and hiring pipeline to extract valuable bits of information to determine what’s working and which steps need to be improved in order to collaborate with clients.  

With a powerful CRM software system, your organization can use it to extract these valuable insights to increase the quality of your skills assessment strategies and avoid costly errors and missed opportunities with clients.

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4. CRM Leads to Higher Levels of Automation

While recruitment professionals have benefitted from the many innovations in HR technologies that have been introduced to the market, especially since the pandemic, much of modern recruiting is still heavily loaded with repetitive steps.  Fortunately, modern ATS systems that come with a suite of recruitment CRM tools can successfully eliminate many of these redundant tasks with new technologies that take automation to an entirely new level.

This is helping recruiters smash through their recruitment goals by allowing them to automate many traditional tasks related to client management and sales that were once very time-consuming or prone to miscommunication.  

Manatal’s recruitment CRM allows you to track and manage your clients from prospecting to closing. Recruiters are also able to customize the stages of your sales pipeline, integrate your email to centralize communication, add contacts and notes to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page. This leads to stronger collaboration and communication with regard to hiring needs, which can be an ever-changing factor to manage.

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5. Lay the Foundation for Future Success

When a recruitment organization chooses to invest in a powerful ATS system and amplifies it with a suite of recruitment CRM tools, they are essentially empowering its recruitment teams with the resources they need to identify their clients’ hiring needs more efficiently and compete at the highest level - and not just in the near term.  

As hiring consultants and recruiters use these recruiting CRM tools to enhance collaboration and build strong relationships with clients over time, they’re laying the foundation to achieve long-term success for their businesses as well as those of the clients. 


Whether you’re a recruiting agency or a boutique executive search company, modern recruitment CRM tools are verifiably effective in giving recruiters the tools they need to smash through their talent acquisition goals.  

As modern recruitment strategies evolve to become more like sales and marketing strategies than traditional recruitment, recruiting CRM tools are expected to play a more prominent role in helping recruiters, headhunters and recruitment agencies to stay ahead of the game and build strong businesses.

If your organization or headhunting agency is ready to embrace the wide array of benefits of recruitment CRM, Manatal’s cloud-based recruitment CRM is the first choice for organizations across the globe, both large and small, because of the numerous useful features offered and the cloud-based software’s affordability.  

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