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5 Ways To Increase Visibility For Your Career Portal

As a recruiter, you know that the hiring process is a long and detailed procedure. Plus, it continues to evolve. When done correctly, you'll be able to hire high-quality candidates. These candidates tend to stay at an organization longer and represent the company's culture and identity.

At the early stage of the process, you typically create a compelling job advertisement and post it on job boards or the company's social media channels. But, after some time, you may not receive the response rate you expected.

Using job boards and social media are good methods to tell job seekers that you are hiring. However, you should also take advantage of the company’s career portal.

A career portal or page is one of the best places to let potential candidates visualize what their careers can look like in your company and - at the same time - inform job seekers about job openings.

The portal should focus on telling them about your organization, values, and reasons for new joiners to apply. As a matter of fact, 64% of job seekers concur that a career portal is their go-to resource when searching for a job.

Now let’s take a look at the five ways to design and build it, as well as raise the visibility of your employee value proposition.

Think About The Elements of Your Career Page

Before customizing your career portal, it is important to ensure that its look and feel align with your company’s brand and corporate identity. A good portal will give job seekers a fulfilling experience when browsing it to look for open roles. It also raises your organization’s profile in terms of trust and credibility.

If you don't have the necessary skills and knowledge to build a portal, look for a tool that has the site-building feature. A tool like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has a custom career portal feature that can be integrated with your existing company website.

Now, you can customize the portal to fit the company's brand rather than plainly listing open roles. Below are three things you can include on your career page.

Diversify Your Career Portal Content

These days, relying on text-heavy content alone is not going to cut it, especially so in the era of fast visual information and video. Use a variety of content types and mix them up - videos, graphics, and icons.

Speaking of videos and graphics, take a look at Tiktok’s colorful and vibrant career page. The company stays true to its company brand and corporate identity by putting a video of its employees as the background. In the foreground, you can immediately see two search boxes (position and location) for job seekers to search what jobs are available and the location. Then at the bottom left of the section, you can see the awards that they’ve received.

As you scroll down, they tell job seekers what they stand for with graphics and short copies. Also, rather than just listing their beliefs as a company, they designed it as an interactive carousel.

Further down, you can see pictures of their diverse employees. This gives potential candidates an idea of what it’ll be like to work with the company; the kind of working culture and environment that they can expect when they decide to apply.

Another inspiration that you can take from is Spotify’s career page. The overall look of their career portal leans towards minimalism. Job seekers can see various open roles and locations on the first part of the portal. The music streaming platform took listing a step further by designing it to automatically scroll up and stop when users put the cursor on one of the bubbles.

Scrolling down to the second part, the company tells interested candidates about who they are, their diversity, and their mission. Then they show featured jobs that job seekers can look through and send their CVs if they have the skills and experiences.

Show and Tell Your Story 

Every company has a story and goals they want job seekers to know. Hence, when creating the portal, make sure to include those. When candidates are looking for more information about the open role, they also want to know you as the employer.

Job seekers want to know how successful you are as an organization, your culture, and how far they can progress with you. All these elements will be deciding factors for them to click the "Apply" button. Hence, it's important for you to include the company's milestones.

Job seekers could leave with little to no impression of your company if this element is missing on your portal. Logically, when a job seeker is browsing your portal and doesn't see any achievements, they might think the company is not the place to pursue a career and, in turn, offers them a low possibility of career advancement.

Customizing a career portal to include all the achievements is not a walk in the park. So, an ATS tool has solutions where you can easily lay out everything from scratch. Take your job seekers for a walk through the history and achievements of your company with a timeline format or through different sections efficiently.

Write Compelling Job Descriptions

Just like the name suggests, a career portal is a place for job seekers to look for an opportunity to build their career with your organization. But, they need something more other than just a fancy title. That is a job description.

First, you've got to keep it concise and easy to understand. So, don't create a long and wordy description because most job seekers generally take about 14 seconds to decide to apply or not apply.

Plus, when you do your research, job descriptions that have about 300 words tend to do better than medium and long descriptions - 301-600 words and more than 601 words, respectively.

Remember, concise job descriptions allow candidates to remember important information about the job. Also, it's easier to read when they are browsing your portal via different devices.

With that said, writing a job description for one role is easy. But, it's daunting when you have to write for multiple roles. Some ATS tools like Manatal have ready-to-use-job descriptions for most positions of all levels across industries. Use the template to start working on your job descriptions and customize them to fit your needs.

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5 Ways to Raise Visibility Of Your Career Portal

Now that you know what you need to include in your portal, the next step is to let both active and passive job seekers know that you’re hiring. With the right ATS tool, you can share open roles on your social media platforms. But, that’s just one way you can increase the visibility of your career portal.

Here are the other five ways you can take to raise awareness for your portal.

Advertise On Facebook and Google

Before the Internet was even a thing, most people used pamphlets or flyers to promote their business. Then, they use billboards to tell the public about them. One thing that is common in how they advertise their business is the money spent to increase the company’s brand awareness.

With technology today, gone are the days when you needed to hire people to spread flyers to random people on the street. Investing in Facebook ads or Google ads can yield better results to a more targeted audience.

Since you can share open roles from your portal on social media, setting aside some budget into targeting passive and active job seekers is a  good way to tell them about your portal. From there, potential candidates know that you’re hiring, the availability of positions and the requirements, as well as how to contact you or where to send their resumes.

Announce the new joiners! 

This is the part where you can promote the company's culture. It is also basically telling potential candidates who you are as an employer. Highlight your existing employees and their achievement as well as the newly hired on all your social media platforms. In your caption, remember to include your location, contact information, and vacancies. Towards the end of it, give readers the reason to learn more about your company by including a call to action.

Take Starbucks, for example. The giant coffee shop franchise is a good example of leveraging social media platforms as part of a communication strategy. They use Twitter and Instagram to highlight their current and future employees.

The company has established through social media that working with them is more than just an after-school job. Employees who work for an organization need to feel that they are part of a culture that values respect and collaboration.

Optimize Your Website With The Right Keywords

While we’re still on the topic of creating an online presence, another method that you should consider is optimizing your website with the right keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to getting onto Google’s first page when people search for job vacancies.

There are many tools that you can use to find the right keywords. For starters, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to search for keyword ideas or predict how certain words or phrases will perform in the future.

Depending on the nature of your business or industry, you can use “hiring now,” “open roles,” “job vacancies in [location],” and many more.

Start A Company Blog

Another way you can increase awareness of your career portal is by blogging. Just like optimizing your website, the content on your blog also relies on the right keywords. By using the same tool mentioned above or other premium tools, you can generate many ideas for your blog.

Once you’ve created your content, share them on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram!

In your caption, don’t forget to include a Call To Action like “we’re hiring,” “be part of the team,” “join the adventure,” and more. Make sure to include the link to your portal. Also, ask your followers to follow, like, and share the content to increase the chance that your account appears on other users organically.

Give Back To The Community

Engaging with the community and getting involved in needs-based initiatives outside of your company’s business is one way to showcase your employer brand. Donation drives or taking part in environmental activities, for instance, gives out a powerful message to anyone wanting to understand your company as a responsible entity in society.

Giving out free school supplies to students is one example of how small actions can have a significant influence on the community. Randomly take a few pictures of the event and upload them to the portal.

You can also upload them on your social media platforms to engage with others in the community. It’s also an excellent way to show others outside the community about your initiatives. This is your chance to tell them that job seekers can apply for open roles with the company and be part of the causes that are close to a company’s mission.

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3 Benefits Of Having An ATS with a Career Page Builder

Professional recruiters need every competitive advantage they can get to discover the ideal candidate in the market in this fiercely competitive employment market. Thankfully, HR technologies and recruiting software advancements have become the indispensable tools that recruiters rely on to get the data they need to find and attract the best candidates.

Increase Organic Traffic To The Portal

You can use relevant keywords to optimize your career portal to target and attract your audience.When active job seekers are looking for open roles, the first step to finding them is through search engines. Hence, SEO is crucial during the early stage of setting up your portal.

With all the traffic data you get, you can study the results and make necessary changes until your portal becomes visible to the right audience.

Reduce Time and Cost of Hiring

Since the competition to get top talents is fierce, you must act fast. With ATS' automation, you streamline your workflow and keep everything in order. On top of that, the tool allows you to have a quick overview of all candidates across the hiring funnel. Therefore, you can thoroughly analyze any issues to get solutions faster.

ATS tools like Manatal allow you to access the platform on devices, enabling better communication with candidates and hiring managers. These two features significantly shorten the hiring process and decrease the time it takes for your business to hire. You may save time using a career portal solution to manage referred CVs, share requirements, and evaluate applicants' performance.

The consolidated solution also lowers expenses by removing data duplication and inconsistencies between employment processes. The majority of hiring managers think that a poor hire is more expensive than keeping the post open. Instead of hastily filling positions, you will gain from selecting candidates who are more suited for the job by employing established methods, which also leads us to the next point.

Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Prior to the interview, there aren't many chances to learn more about the candidate's abilities and personality. However, pre-assessment tests can be a great tool for this. Before interviewing your applicants, you can assess their strengths and weaknesses using a variety of psychometric, behavioral, and technical tests.

The majority of solutions enable automated test scoring, maintaining the objectivity of the findings. You can rate candidates according to how well they performed on the test thanks to this quantitative grading, which facilitates comparison.

Start Customizing Your Career Portal

A career portal is one of the great tools to enhance the company's branding and tell job seekers about it. It's also a channel to attract both active and passive job seekers by showcasing companies' identities, milestones, goals, and values. The portal also gives candidates the reason for whether or not to apply.

In addition, a good portal adds value to your company's website. Regardless of the size or age of the business, the people are what make it successful, so adopting a career portal solution must always be the top priority. It's crucial to pick a flexible solution that can expand as your business does to accommodate your changing needs.

Go ahead, sign up for our 14-day free trial and start customizing your career page with ATS.

Manatal ATS platforms have been adopted by all types of businesses around the world, and if you want to start creating a career page from scratch, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how our solutions can integrate with your current website as well as other channels.

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