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Why You Should Switch to Manatal ATS

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, has been an essential feature in high-performing recruitment teams as early as the 90s. Over the last decade however, this digital tool - designed to optimize the recruitment process - has grown its popularity not just among large scale companies, but with small and medium-sized businesses as well.

With digitalization and hyper-connectivity, consumer and industry technologies have seen rapid evolution over the past decade. For the world of recruitment, the ATS is no exception. 

With AI processing, the Applicant Tracking System of today is able to perform tasks that an ATS in the last 10 years could not such as automatically input candidates’ information into the database, social media enrichment or candidate scoring, and so on. 

With enhanced abilities and the power to make a recruiter’s day much easier than before, more Applicant Tracking Systems have entered the market at various price ranges. Additionally, the global market for Applicant Tracking Systems demonstrated exponential growth during the period of 2015-2020.  

It is completely understandable to go full throttle and focus on your tasks once you have implemented a tool like an ATS into your system. However, it may have been a while since you purchased your current ATS, and chances are you might have missed taking note of the evolution of the ATS. Newer generations of products have emerged with augmented features that allow you to perform even better, and at scale. 

Now might be the time to start looking around and exploring other tools that are waiting to elevate your recruitment game. Our goal is to help customers recruit faster and as seamlessly as possible. Therefore, we’d like to take you through some important aspects of an Applicant Tracking System that have a direct impact on your performance and how our solution eliminates daily issues while driving you towards bigger success.

Why Manatal? 

Ease of Use 

Remember when you first implemented your current Applicant Tracking System? Did you go through a lot of trouble until you finally got used to the platform? We presume that it took you a fair amount of time and effort until you and other team members got the hang of the basic commands of the current ATS in your system. 

Once you’ve installed an ATS, do you still feel that the interface of the platform is complicated and difficult to operate? If so, then your ATS might not be designed for non-technical users. Struggling with a complicated platform will only slow your process down and negatively affect productivity.    

Speaking of slow, if your ATS does not process data as quickly as it should, then you might be faced with yet another challenge. A negative user experience means that your recruiters have likely not used the ATS to its fullest capabilities.

Manatal’s Solution

With Manatal, you have no need to worry about how complicated it would be or how long it would take until you get the hang of our platform. As we aim to simplify the recruitment process while taking the workload out of your hands as much as possible, Manatal’s product is designed with ease of use in mind - which means there’s no need for long hours in training to use a software. Anyone in your team can operate Manatal’s platform with no need for help from an IT expert. Every step is documented and each process is clear.

As intuitive as our product gets, it is normal for users to have questions. To make things easier, Manatal offers a complete documentation with video guides covering everything there is to know about the platform thus allowing you to get started with the platform with ease.

Innovative Features

As recruitment trends point towards an even more competitive outlook, it is essential that you have an ATS which is equipped with the latest technology and features, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or social media enrichment.  

Are you sure that your current ATS has all you need to efficiently accomplish your tasks? For example, your ATS might have limited options to integrate job boards and it may not have an AI processing feature, which means sourcing and screening would take much longer than needed. 

AI is an essential part of today’s digital world as industries across the globe are driven by information. By operating without help from an efficient digital tool, you might be at risk of making poor decisions based on outdated data when it comes to sourcing and screening candidates.

An ATS with AI is also able to carry out the resume parsing task in a flash. If your ATS does not have this feature, you are probably forced to waste your valued time on “copy and paste jobs” that mean little in terms of productivity and performance. 

Speaking of being trapped on a desk to do redundant work, you need to take a good look at your current ATS and ask yourself, ‘does my digital tool provide a LinkedIn integrated extension?’. 

This is an important question because LinkedIn has become one of the top platforms to source candidates. Without this feature, your team will once again spend their time copying and pasting candidate details from LinkedIn to your ATS.    

Manatal’s Solution

Manatal is equipped with many innovative features that would help you elevate your recruitment. We offer 2000+ channels to distribute job ads in both free and premium plans. At the same time, our product offers many features that will help you work better and faster. These include the LinkedIn Chrome extension, candidate scoring, automatic extraction of candidate information from social media channels, automated recommendation of candidates based on a job description, and many more. 

With our AI recommendation that helps leverage candidates’ data, you can be assured that your database won’t be turning into a black hole of digital data.    


Good coordination is key to sustainable success, and the main factor behind efficient collaboration comes from a seamless information exchange between the team members or other parties such as hiring managers, vendors, etc.

If you are running a recruitment agency or working in one, do you have an ATS? And, does your ATS come with a recruitment CRM that centralizes all client interactions? A recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to efficiently establish and maintain strong relationships with customers at each stage throughout the sales pipeline. Without a recruitment CRM, recruitment agencies cannot manage leads and customers properly.

Manatal’s Solution

With Manatal at the core of your recruitment operations, the collaboration between you and your teammates will be smoother than ever. Our product provides a messaging feature that allows you to internally and externally communicate, exchange information, and update the status of each project without an interruption.

You will be able to efficiently manage every step in the pipeline with the power to grant permissions, roles, and access on multiple levels. At the same time, Manatal’s team planner and vendor management system will ensure that you, your team members, your hiring managers, and a third party are always on the same page.  

Moreover, Manatal’s embedded recruitment CRM centralizes the whole customer relationship management process in a single platform. You will be able to properly manage leads and customers and their projects.


In recruitment, accurate reports are one of the main drivers of performance as they reveal opportunities for improvement in each step of your recruitment pipeline. Precise data on any report allows you to deep dive and perform a thorough analysis on your processes to see what is working and what is hurting the process. 

Having said that, not all digital tools can provide efficient reports. Does your current Applicant Tracking System provide sufficient data or reports? Are your reports able to help you perform a strong analysis that shows where to improve? Does it come with pipeline activities or hiring team activity reports? If it does not check these boxes, you might need to consider looking for another ATS.   

Manatal’s Solution

Boost your performance with Manatal’s full reporting and analytics suite. With the help of our platform, you will be able to find bottlenecks and fix your recruitment process. Take an overall look with a general overview while examining sourcing channel effectiveness and referral tracking with candidate reports. You can track the number of new candidates, calls, and interviews with hiring team activity reports and efficiently elevate your performance with pipeline activity, and more!  

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Data Security   

Recruiters today have to act as custodians to customers’ digital data. Should this data get compromised or lost, it will directly affect your credibility and reliability in the eyes of customers and business partners, and could even lead to legal issues. Therefore, it is important to keep data security at the top of your priority list.  

Despite how great and efficient some Applicant Tracking Systems in the market are claiming to be, several of them do not meet current cyber security standards. This will surely put you in a tough spot if you are handling candidate data with an ATS that might not be complying or dedicating enough to guarantee its data security with top certifications.

Manatal’s Solution

At Manatal, we never compromise when it comes to the safety of customers’ data. Our dedication to ensuring the security of your digital database is guaranteed by the SOC 2 Type I and Type II certifications

What is a SOC 2 certification and why is it important to mention? Well, the SOC 2 certification is the top auditing procedure for SaaS companies and ensures digital service providers securely manage data to protect the interests and the privacy of their customers. External auditors would evaluate digital service providers before issuing them with the certification. 

Going through the journey towards the top cyber security standard demonstrates our dedication to make sure that your data will always be protected. So, if you are looking to perform recruitment while making sure that your digital database is safe and sound, Manatal is your perfect choice.


You might not know for certain how much your Applicant Tracking System really costs. One might argue that the ‘the price is as shown in my ATS’ bill.’ Some ATS offer attractive initial prices with standard features to attract customers. However, the add-ons could snowball into a fair amount of money. 

Sometimes the features on your ATS are not enough to get your job done, and all the time these add-on features are asking for additional payment. On some occasions, you might need fewer add-ons, while other times you might need more. These opaque price models could be pushing your payment through the roof which directly affects your budget. 

Manatal’s Solution

With Manatal, you can manage your budget without taking a wild guess each time you are paying for your services as we offer competitive and completely transparent payment plans. Our two packages are designed to be suitable for every scale of your projects. 

If you have fewer than 15 opening jobs on your desk, the ‘professional plan’ is the best suited for you. If you have more, then the ‘enterprise plan’ is what you are looking for. Should the size of your project change, you can manage and switch your payment plan within a few clicks.

With Manatal, there are no hidden fees or expensive add-ons. And if you are interested in our product but like to take a sample of our product, we offer a completely free 14 days trial (no credit card required). 


Does it bother you when a question pops up and there’s no one around to provide an answer? Does this problem extend towards your Applicant Tracking System? If so, that means your ATS did not make an efficient database to cover your needs.   

For an Applicant Tracking System or some other digital tools on the market, if there is no onboarding or training waiting for you right from the get-go, you might have trouble getting used to the platform. In other cases, you might like to go back to the training session to refresh and update your ability to operate an ATS. However, you might be hesitant in doing so when you see that your ATS is asking for an extra payment for additional training. 

The lack of ability to support customers with enough resources to solve their problems immediately or guide them through the platform with easy-to-understand content like documentation or videos will directly affect your productivity and prevent you from being able to properly operate your ATS in the long run.   

Manatal’s Solution

Manatal provides customers with full support. Wherever you are in the world, you won’t be left alone. Our team works round-the-clock to ensure this. We have prepared resources to solve your problem with an around the clock live chat service on weekdays, in-app training and interactive onboarding, email support, as well as phone support. Our video guides are also ready to navigate you through the platform with ease.  

Whenever a question pops up, you can always find answers in our useful articles. At the same time, when in need of additional training, you can refresh your knowledge of the usage of our platform without costing any extra dimes.

Supercharge Your Recruitment with Manatal

When it comes to acquiring top talents today, speed and quality are some of the main drives that push you towards success. As the market has gotten more competitive while we are in the throes of the digital transformation era, companies and recruitment agencies must embrace change and augment themselves with a modern tool that would help them achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.   

By switching to Manatal, you will be able to accomplish your goal while elevating your recruitment game to the next level with ease of use, innovative features, an efficient collaboration portal, accurate reports, top data security, competitive and transparent payment plans, and full support.

Start your 14-day Free Trial now and discover more of Manatal’s powerful features that will streamline your recruitment while steadily guiding you ahead of the global talent acquisition trends.

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