Will AI Take Over Recruitment In The Decades To Come?

Recruitment: a survivor of the AI revolutionThe AI revolution -- already well under way -- will have major implications for the world going forward. These implications may be even more impactful than technical revolutions in the past. Indeed, the steam engine changed many things, but certainly not in as many ways as AI will: social relationships, education, sports -- even our very definition of humanity. As Stephen Hawking has warned: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”According to several surveys, 98% of all jobs will be affected by this revolution. Will those in recruitment also be affected?

Multiplication of AI-driven tools in ATS solutions

A simple example of the AI revolution in the recruitment industry: an increasing number of ATS solutions offer AI-driven tools such as deep-learning to help recruiters in their decisions and predictions on the time needed to hire the next top talent.Recruiters are becoming more dependent on AI in carrying out their day-to-day tasks. Indeed, many simple tasks in recruitment can now be achieved quickly with AI: CV parsing and candidate enrichment functions, for example. Experts say that jobs requiring repetitive actions are the most likely to be replaced by AI. Some reason for concern is justified when considering that many tasks in recruitment are repetitive: adding new candidates, sorting their resumes, preparing and scheduling interviews, and so forth. Advanced AI systems have the potential to carry out such tasks in a fraction of the time.

Recruiting means knowing someone

On the other hand, experts say that jobs requiring human relationships -- managers and psychologists, for instance -- are more likely to be protected from the future of the AI revolution. Fortunately, the core of any recruiter’s work involves human relationships: to evaluate the person behind the resume. Is this candidate capable of leading a team? Will they be able to handle pressure? Will they get along with the rest of the team? This human sensibility -- the capacity of understanding the candidate from the candidate’s perspective -- is unique and still something that AI lacks. Indeed, the future brings much uncertainty but recruiters can take comfort in the fact that they have one of the most difficult jobs in the world… especially for machines.

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