The Best Innovations in Recruitment

Global recruiting trends report that recruiters will see an increase in their hiring volume but only a few percents of them say the size of their recruiting teams will increase. Innovative procedures should be implemented in a company’s recruitment processes to attract talent with the necessary technical, behavioral and critical-thinking skills.

The best innovations in recruitment to help them succeed will be based on AI recruiting software to streamline and automate parts of the recruiting workflow and automation tools.

Here are the best innovations in recruitment.

1. Automated CV screening

Using an ATS to help automate CV screening process was a huge boon for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. The next innovation in automated CV screening uses machine learning. Machine learning is a type of computer program that has the ability to teach itself by analyzing data and continually learn to increase accuracy.

2. Natural language

Software that uses natural language processing can analyze your job descriptions to identify potentially biased language and suggest alternatives to attract a more diverse candidate pool. Natural language processing is a computer program’s ability to understand spoken or written the human writing.

3. Partner ATS for end-to-end recruitment management

ATS are one of the best innovations in recruitment because they allow you to pick the best-of-breed solutions. Consequently, the recruiting teams are able to be more nimble, innovative, and cost-effective about solving recruiting.

These are reasons why we built Manatal, to innovate and help recruiters perform at their best. Furthermore, has all the basic functionalities of every traditional recruitment software. You can add candidates through very different ways (from LinkedIn, by parsing a CV, by filling out a form), you can easily manage them in the pipeline through the recruitment process, save all information related to them, the jobs and the process, you find all the reports you need on what you and your team have done. In 15 minutes you and your team can handle the software, and if you have a question, you can directly ask us through email!

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