5 steps to improve your recruiters’ productivity

No one will deny it takes time to find the best candidates, especially given today’s shortage of talents!
While HR leaders are working hard on finding solutions to increase efficiency and streamlining hiring processes, these improvements will take time to materialize in the everyday life of your recruitment team. 

In the meantime here are 5 steps you can implement right now to improve recruiters’ productivity.


1. Use recruitment software

Good metrics and analytics can help you identify bottlenecks in your recruitment processes. However, a lot of tedious and time-consuming daily tasks of a recruiter cannot simply be solved by identifying them.

Here is where a recruitment software (Applicant Tracking System) comes into play. Technology is nowadays able to automate or assist recruiters throughout the whole recruitment process. This can take the form of resume parsing, candidate profile enrichment, collaboration tools, etc.

This first step is likely to have the highest and most immediate impact on your recruitment team’s productivity.

To witness for yourself, try out Manatal free for 14 days (no cards required) or book a demo call with one of our consultants.


2. Leverage your candidate pool

Consider the time your team spends sourcing and screening candidates and the small ratio of those candidates that make it to the final rounds of the hiring process. Keeping a well-documented and organized candidate database is one of the key elements of top-performing hiring teams!

Make sure to keep track of all this information as it has the potential to cut your recruitment process by half.

Again, a recruitment software like Manatal allows you to safeguard all the information regarding candidates and their journeys for future use, and to easily find the right talent in your candidate pool using various criteria and keywords.


3. Set a schedule and stay focused on the important things

Identifying key tasks is the best way to make sure you are productive. There is nothing worse for productivity than spending half a day on something that will have very little impact on the final result.

Creating a to-do list is a good way to stay focused, organizing tasks throughout the day by priority. Start each day with a complete set of activities and goals.


4. Don’t multitask

At times recruitment can become pretty hectic hence the temptation to multitask. However more often than not multitasking compromises the quality of our work. It is better to focus and do things one at a time, leading to high-quality work and not having to revisit mistakes or omissions.


5. Workflow and recruitment process

More and more the recruitment process plays a key role in candidates accepting/rejecting offers.

Having a longer than needed and tedious process will most probably lead to losing candidates. Tailor the recruitment process to make sure the workflow for each position is concise. This will have a big impact on candidates and lead to more and better hires.


Human capital determines how good a company performs. These five steps will allow you and your team to increase productivity and hire world-class talents.

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