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7 Applicant Tracking System Features That Boost Your Recruitment

Recruitment has never been a set-in-stone operation. It evolves through the course of time. With the new trends constantly emerging, the gravity of recruitment and how things are done remains in a state of flux. 

Recruiters have seen many trends and challenges. On the candidate and employees’ side, well-being has risen to become their number one priority when it comes to selecting a desired employer. Companies across industries are starting to invest in recruitment based on candidates’ skills rather than their degrees and diploma. 

Plus, the aftermath of the pandemic has set the hybrid work method as a regular work model for many organizations worldwide, especially IT. Under the wave of this very trend, over 83% of workers prefer to carry out their duties remotely. 

Should decision-makers not closely follow these trends and ride along the shifting flow of talent acquisition, they might find major hindrances to their hiring processes. At the same time, tackling challenges that are following these trends is not easy, especially if you are still approaching recruitment with old-fashioned methods. It’s difficult to attract high-quality talents without a proper channel to show them that you care about their mental and physical health.  

Moreover, in the booming remote-work environment, it is essential to have an efficient digital tool that bridges teammates together in order to orchestrate a seamless operation. Does such a tool even exist? Yes, it does. It is called the ‘Applicant Tracking System.’ 

How does it work? Can it really help?  Let’s scroll down and find out.  

How Does An Applicant Tracking System Work? 

Applicant Tracking System or ATS, is a hiring platform specifically designed to help recruiters execute seamless and efficient hiring. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Applicant Tracking System dives into recruiters’ desks, automates their redundant tasks like documentation and speeds up the clearance of backlogs. It essentially opens up a room for recruiters to breathe and to focus on more important tasks like building relationships with customers and candidates. 

When dealing with bulk hiring, the Applicant Tracking System can save recruiters time by allowing them to publish job advertisements through several job boards within a few clicks. Once recruiters receive applications, each CV will be thoroughly screened according to pre-set parameters which produces a high-quality candidate shortlist, weeding out unsuitable applications from the early stages.  

An Applicant Tracking System’s AI processing also enables recruiting teams to work seamlessly from wherever they are while smoothly collaborating with hiring managers.

Managing relationships with prospective candidates and customers can also be done effortlessly with cutting-edge features of the Applicant Tracking System. The platform allows users to access each stage of the sales pipeline and move along with projects without any issues.   

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7 ATS Features That Boost Your Performance

1. Candidate Sourcing 

A recruitment process essentially begins once you’ve agreed on hiring needs with your customers. The first step is to push out job advertisements with a strategy that enables them to reach as many job seekers as possible. 

Now, doing things the old way, you may think that sending out jobs to a few job boards is enough. No, it’s not. You see, the aftermath of the Great Resignation has left the recruitment market with the highest demand for the workforce ever. 

As a hiring professional, your job is to fill in these gaps as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is where the Applicant Tracking System comes in. Its candidate sourcing feature allows you to publish job listings across several job portals at once, ensuring that a high volume of job seekers will find your open jobs in a blink of an eye. 

The best Applicant Tracking Systems, such as Manatal, comes with the candidate sourcing feature that allows the possibility for your job to reach as many applicants as possible.  With Manatal, you will be able to manage all of your job advertising campaigns from a single platform. 

Thanks to Manatal’s AI processing system, you will be able to publish your job openings across more than 2,500 channels, including local, global, and specialized job platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, JobStreet.

Our candidate sourcing feature is able to centralize your resume database by linking any job board to a single platform. Candidates who apply will have their profiles created in Manatal and attached to the job they applied for, making it easier and faster to manage candidates right from the earliest stages. 

2. Candidate Enrichment 

The only way to ensure smart decisions when it comes to selecting the right candidates is to learn about them and to know them from as many angles as possible. What are their goals? What makes them tick? What are they really like around people? The answer to these questions will help you determine who are the most fitted individuals for the roles.  

Only learning about candidates based on their CVs is not enough for hiring professionals to make a thorough assessment. An Applicant Tracking Systems’ candidate enrichment feature helps you look beyond candidates’ CVs and get to know them on a deeper level. 

With an efficient Applicant Tracking System like Manatal, you will be able to complete your candidate database effortlessly as its candidate enrichment browses the web and extracts candidates’ data from their available online profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Medium into a single platform.  

With Manatal’s Applicant Tracking System, the days of spending endless hours manually inputting candidates' information to your database will be a distant memory. No matter how many resumes you have, just click import, and the software will automatically parse the information for relevant skills, specific roles, and sought-after capabilities to your candidate database. 

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3. AI Recommendation

Although you have a solid candidate database, sometimes, it’s still hard to make an absolute decision about the right person for the job. The case is even worse if you approach your recruitment without a smart tool. 

There is a high chance of irrelevant or underqualified candidates slipping into the shortlist and ending up becoming a factor in decreasing the quality of hire. Letting the wrong person become runner-ups for the jobs brings a risk of high turnover and wasting resources and time to repeat the hiring process all over again.    

The AI recommendation feature from an Applicant Tracking System helps eliminate this risk and ensures a sharp decision by scanning job descriptions and extracting the core skills and requirements needed for candidates. Results will be cross-referenced with your talent pool to identify candidates who fit the position best.

Applicant Tracking System like Manatal takes your recruitment to the next level as it grants you the ability to customize criteria to filter your recommended candidates and shortlist your top choices based on skills, work experience, academic background, or other conditions. 

Moreover, Manatal’s AI engine compares candidates’ important information, such as skills, location, positions, and education, to the requirements of any given job and ranks candidates based on the criteria you select.

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4. Recruitment CRM 

As a recruiter, sales is one of the most important tasks that require as much care and close attention as other responsibilities. However, considering the over-flooding of tasks you have to handle each day, it’s almost impossible to manage time and properly establish a long-lasting relationship with prospective customers. 

An Applicant Tracking System is able to ease your workload on a daily basis, and coupled with a recruitment CRM, it lets you manage relationships with each customer effortlessly. Every potential deal with prospective customers can be logged and monitored for progress. 

Manatal’s Applicant Tracking System is tuned with the Recruitment CRM feature that simplifies the sales pipeline by consolidating all of the sales processes into a single, easy-to-read dashboard.  

Tracking and managing your customers from the prospecting stage to closing the deal will be easier and more convenient than ever. Just drag and drop your customers over each stage, and your team members will know exactly where the sales have progressed. All of the interactions between you and every customer will also be safely stored in Manatal’s Applicant Tracking System, as it allows you to integrate your email to centralize communication within a single platform.  

Moreover, you will be able to Track and manage revenues directly within Manatal’s Recruitment CRM. You will know exactly where the money is coming from and prepare your team for better performance with coverage reports that reveal all of the activities throughout the sales funnel, as well as the results of each of your sales team members.

5. Career Page 

Strengthening employer brand by showing job seekers what your company is all about and what it prioritizes is a proven strategy to attract high-quality candidates. This is true especially nowadays, where candidates and job seekers are looking for organizations that put the well-being of their workforce as the top priority, it is crucial to have a channel or a platform to assure them that you care about them beyond their work hours. 

The company's official website is a good place to start advertising their brand as an employer of choice. However, considering the ever-competitive job market today, utilizing old-fashioned template design with dry content is not enough to call the attention of candidates. On the contrary, they would probably exit your site as soon as they’re exposed to an outdated experience.  

Applicant Tracking System is a solution to this very issue. A cutting-edge cloud-based ATS like Manatal’s comes with the career page feature that enables you to design a compelling job portal from scratch. With Manatal, you will have complete freedom to design a career page however you imagine.    

The sky's the limit as you have the power to upload all kinds of content, from high-res images and videos to special graphics and icons.  

Click here to learn how Manatal can help you create a high-quality career page within a few clicks.

6. Collaboration and Activities 

Strong collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers is the key to successful recruitment. Having all stakeholders understand hiring needs and being on the same page as the process goes a long way in minimizing risks of miscommunication, which ultimately lead to poor quality candidate shortlists and hiring.

At the same time, holding consistent communication between team members is also a crucial part of achieving high-performance operations. 

Without a proper communication platform, it is a big challenge to maintain consistent collaboration amongst all stakeholders. Under the remote and hybrid work environment such as today, a tool like Application Tracking System is a must-have item as its collaboration feature provides a seamless communication portal to all parties. 

Manatal’s collaboration feature ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the pipeline by allowing the recruiting team to communicate among themselves as well as with hiring managers via a 24/7 messaging system.  

At the same time, Manatal’s Applicant Tracking System also optimizes the candidate screening process. Recruiters will have the ability to grant hiring managers access to the candidate database to keep track of the progress of each talent, leave notes, and inform recruiters about who they would like to interview or get to know more.   

Moreover, Manatal’s collaboration feature also allows recruiters to easily manage their calendars while enabling hiring managers visibility to recruiters’ schedules to ensure no overlap or clashing appointments. A smooth collaboration that connects everyone from end to end can be accomplished within a few clicks. 

7. Reports and Analytics 

The key to unlocking a higher performance comes from the acknowledgment of the past operation. Were there mistakes? How did they happen? What have you done right? All of these things must be properly recorded in order for you to learn from past faults, come up with a solution to prevent them, as well as study past successes to follow the same path for future projects.  

For recruiters, attempting to record all activities throughout the pipeline is quite a challenging and time-consuming task. Plus, human error - due to factors such as fatigue - could result in unreliable or bad data. With all the work you have on your plate, it is a smart choice to get help from a tool such as Applicant Tracking System. 

An efficient Applicant Tracking System like Manatal’s provides insightful reports that help you boost your performance in future projects. With its coverage and detailed reports, you will be able to dive in and track critical KPIs like time to hire, cost of hire, reasons for rejection, recruitment performance ratios, and export it all within one click.

Click here to learn more about Manatal’s Applicant Tracking System. 

Bring It All Together

Recruitment game today is tough. Going at it with a traditional approach is not enough anymore to get you where you need. The factor to accomplishment or failure of your talent acquisition lies in how efficient your process is and how fast you can go through the pipeline with minimum issues. 

To achieve top performance, it is essential to equip yourself with a powerful recruitment tool. An Applicant Tracking System is specifically designed to provide recruiters with an advantage over their competitors. Its innovative features, such as candidate sourcing, candidate enrichment, and AI recommendation, help you ensure the quality of candidates on your shortlist.  

At the same time, the Applicant Tracking Systems AI engine helps automate your redundant tasks and enables you to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers through the recruitment CRM feature. While collaboration and activities feature connects all stakeholders together and places everyone on the same page throughout the recruitment pipeline.  

Discovering the right fit talent and achieving top performance can be done in a few clicks with Manatal at your disposal.  

Start your 14-day Free Trial to explore Manatal’s innovative features and find out how the platform can help propel you towards your goal effortlessly.

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