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The Benefits of Using a Recruiting SaaS

In today’s digital society, the world’s top-performing companies are achieving an astonishing level of success by adopting a digital-first approach when it comes to professional recruiting.  The global business community is increasingly tapping into the $24 billion HR technology market to adopt scalable recruiting and onboarding solutions that can effectively fight the current labor shortage and move at the speed of modern business at the same time.

That means HR professionals are turning to technology more than ever to accelerate and enhance recruitment strategies and attract elite candidates. Who can blame them? Recruiting Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, technologies are revolutionizing traditional recruitment processes, and they are proving to be particularly effective in terms of attracting tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z candidates – the two groups accounting for the most significant portions of our workforce.

3% of the U.S. working population quit their jobs last September, and companies are waging war to attract the best talent. Recruiting SaaS systems are rapidly becoming the strategic asset at the center of modern recruitment strategies as HR professionals scramble for technical resources to overcome what the media is calling “the Great Resignation.”   

It’s quite simple. The time to consider investing in a recruiting SaaS is now. Not next year. Not after your company evaluates 4th quarter results. According to recent government data, there are more than 10 million available job opportunities. If your company or agency is serious about attracting the best talent, the innovators, the go-getters, and the “change agents,” then a recruiting SaaS is essential to your recruitment success. 

The Evolving Recruitment Process and Digitalization

There are enough studies to demonstrate that companies who continue relying on traditional HR processes with tiresome attributes like lengthy application processes are turning away the best candidates. A recent report from indicates that 90% of the Gen Z population considers the extent of technology that is used in a company’s application and interviewing process, and it has a direct influence on their interest in working for that company. 50% of them won’t even waste time completing an application if it takes too long.

Essentially, nearly 70% of all recruiting professionals believe the best way to enhance the effectiveness of recruitment strategies for modern society is by investing in HR technologies like a recruiting SaaS.   

What is a Recruiting SaaS?

So, what do we mean by SaaS? Essentially, it is a remarkably effective, on-demand software technology that resides in the cloud. It is a very useful, centralized resource that HR professionals and recruitment agencies have come to rely on, serving as the technology backbone of their recruitment efforts. Recruiting SaaS gives recruiters and recruitment agencies the ability to automate many HR-related tasks such as posting jobs, screening candidates, and other responsibilities that have traditionally been very time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.  

Anything that a recruiter is required to do five or more times a day is an activity that should be automated, if possible. In many cases, recruiting SaaS is a resource capable of achieving this automation. Through the automation of repetitive activities, these SaaS systems return substantial amounts of time to recruiters so that they can dedicate that time to other important recruitment efforts.  

Also, recruiting SaaS is a cloud-based technology. The hosting SaaS company provides the full functionality of the software so that recruiters and agencies aren’t required to invest in building their own costly IT infrastructure. There aren’t any software licensing issues, installation hiccups, or any tech support issues that are inherent in locally installed software solutions.

Recruiting SaaS is easily accessible, mobile-friendly, and very cost-effective. In terms of cost, the SaaS recruitment software often comes as a subscription-based service that you will likely find very attractive when compared to the alternative of hosting a software system yourself. The subscription pricing lets you purchase only what you need based on the number of recruiters that you have.

SaaS technologies are being adopted by companies large and small, and HR is just one arena where SaaS is being adopted to make companies stronger and more competitive. It has been estimated that 99% of all organizations are expected to be using one or more of the SaaS solutions on the market by the end of 2022.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment SaaS

All in all, the marquee benefits of a recruiting SaaS are outlined below:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

The AI technologies that come included with the more robust recruiting SaaS systems on the market today offer recruiters an array of useful tools that simplify the hiring process in a multitude of ways, from self-scheduling to automation. AI is a system capable of replicating the human thought process, and recruiters have come to rely on these technologies to help them automatically and reliably sort through extensive volumes of candidate data so that they can make intelligent, fact-based decisions in determining who the best candidates are based on that data.

To recruit effectively in modern society, recruiters need tools that can go beyond a resume and an interview. These AI technologies are crucial in terms of their ability to locate important information online that a recruiter cannot get from a resume and interview. We’re talking about a resource that can automatically scan myriad popular social media sites and then “pull” that information into an existing candidate’s profile on a centralized software system.

AI technologies provide recruiters with a “full picture” of their candidates, helping them to more precisely determine if the candidate is truly a good fit.

Increase Candidate Engagement

Your recruitment efforts will yield results of a much higher quality when you utilize a recruiting SaaS that puts candidates at the center of the recruitment process in terms of feedback and engagement. What makes candidate feedback and engagement so important? 


83% of the applicants that you attract will expect a response when they apply for an open position at your company. Without that acknowledgment, you lose 2/3rd of them.

Recruiting SaaS systems give recruiters the tools they need to easily engage and build relationships with potential candidates at a deeper level, in much the same way that a sales professional builds a relationship with a prospective client. A recruiting SaaS can automatically distribute customized electronic confirmations and even empower candidates to “self-schedule” certain components of the hiring process like interviewing.

By keeping candidates engaged, they remain interested in working for your company and that reduces the likelihood of losing candidates that would otherwise feel uninformed, even neglected.

Recruitment Transparency

In today’s job market, the first point of contact between a candidate and an employer often takes place online. The best recruiting SaaS systems provide recruiters with the necessary tools to build a highly engaging, fully integrated career portal that makes it easy for prospective talent to learn about your company and brand. This can be very effective for companies that want to cultivate stronger relationships with Gen Z candidates because of how receptive they are to connecting with familiar brands. Eighty percent of Gen Z candidates are interested in following more companies and brands online.

Your career page is responsible for approximately 45% of your total candidates, for any given position. When you make it easy for candidates to learn about your company, you’re proactively taking steps to build new relationships with them.  

The best candidates are “critical thinkers”. That means they will have a bit of curiosity about the dynamics of your company’s hiring process.  A recruiting SaaS gives recruiters the resources they need to establish a desirable level of transparency, and that’s something your candidates will appreciate.

Multi-Channel Sourcing

Now it’s getting fun – the ability to easily post open positions on thousands of free and premium channels globally with just a few clicks. It’s another marvelous feature that recruiters benefit from when a company adopts a recruiting SaaS. With tools that help you quickly distribute open positions to all major job boards like Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and so on, recruiters gain back huge amounts of time. Even Facebook and Google for Jobs are automatically included in the best recruiting SaaS systems, as well as many more local and specialized job boards. 

But the real benefit is the management of all this posting activity. Recruiting SaaS systems can aggregate all these recruitment channels into one single platform for simple administration by the recruiter.  

Analytics for Decision-Making

A recruiting SaaS is a treasure trove of valuable metrics that recruiters can go to for in-depth analysis, strategic decision-making, and comprehensive reporting. Every bit of information on every candidate that has ever applied is immediately available in a centralized, cloud-based resource, and that will prove very resourceful in helping recruiters understand what components of their recruitment strategies are succeeding, and what activities need more attention.

Employee Retention

According to Forbes, the cost of a mid-level position turning over is 125 percent of their salary!  Yikes!  That’s a number that any company would find disconcerting. The financial disadvantages of excessive employee turnover are obvious (If you want to do your math, here is a useful resource), and a recruiting SaaS can be instrumental in combating employee turnover by helping to reveal certain characteristics of candidates that are more likely to gel with a company’s culture, or not.

A recruiting SaaS helps recruiters identify specific characteristics of the best employees and provides a way to try and match those same characteristics to certain candidates, thereby contributing positively to employee retention rates.  

Data Integrity

With a remotely hosted, cloud-based system, the responsibilities of securing and ensuring the integrity of your candidates’ data are handled entirely by your SaaS provider. Frankly, a company’s data is even more secure in the hands of a SaaS provider than it would be in the hands of a company that doesn’t have IT operations at the core of its business.

This is one of the reasons why companies are so rapidly adopting SaaS solutions and not just for HR operations, but all business functions.

Recruitment CRM

This is an indispensable feature that will cater to recruitment and staffing agencies. Recruitment CRM (customer relationship management) is a key feature that gives recruiters and account managers all the tools they need to manage the communication and collaboration with leads and clients, all the while also providing all information related to recruitment operations. It’s all done very fluidly and all within a single platform – that’s an enormous advantage. In today’s competitive landscape, having these capabilities has never been so important.  

Remote Interviewing

A poll of 1,100 employers revealed that 82 percent had adopted remote interviewing as a way of navigating the effects of the pandemic. The results of these remote interviews were so favorable that 93 percent indicated that they would continue the practice, especially during the earlier stages of hiring.

And what’s not to love about it? The advantages of remote interviewing, on the side of the candidate and employer, are too numerous to list, but employers are loving the fact that they can interview candidates from across the country if need be, and candidates can be more “themselves” by not having to contend with the mental stressors associated with getting to the interview, like parking, finding the employer, and many other variables. A recruiting SaaS system can lend itself quite nicely to environments that choose to take advantage of remote interviewing, and that’s good for employers and candidates.

Return on Investment (Value of a Recruitment SaaS)

So far, we’ve identified a wide array of applications that make a recruiting SaaS well worth the investment in terms of ROI. By giving recruiters the ability to more precisely identify what sourcing channels yield the best candidates, and by helping to identify characteristics in candidates that are likely to lead to hires that will work out successfully for the company - all these activities will contribute, either directly or indirectly, towards the growth of a company.

As a cloud-based service, companies are already financially “ahead” knowing they won’t be required to install a supporting IT infrastructure.  

The pricing structure of recruiting SaaS services is what many companies find most attractive of all. They’re very economical and often come in a tiered format, so companies can choose from an “enterprise” license meant for larger companies as well as more affordable pricing packages for newcomers and smaller companies. Oftentimes, the industry-leading SaaS companies have a custom pricing plan for those companies with unique needs and requirements. 

Manatal – The Industry Standard for Recruitment SaaS

Now that we’ve presented all the evidence you need to justify subscribing to a recruiting SaaS service, your next move is to determine which is the best SaaS software for your company. Fortunately, we have done the market research and can conclude, quite decisively, which is the best.  In considering all the benefits described above, the clear winner in all of this is Manatal.  

An industry titan in the world of recruiting SaaS, Manatal is a company that has built a solid reputation for providing industry-leading companies with the most technologically advanced and intuitive recruiting SaaS system on the market today. The popularity of Manatal can be attributed to many factors, but where the company genuinely stands head and shoulders above the competition is where customization and adaptability are concerned. Many HR departments have verifiably concluded that Manatal’s recruitment SaaS is very customizable and adaptable to the unique dynamics of any company, making it the first choice for many newcomers.

Manatal’s platform includes a wide array of tools for sourcing and managing candidates throughout the entire recruitment process and offers an intuitive interface that makes it very easy for anyone to learn the functionality of the software, no matter how technical they may or may not be.  

Among the swaths of useful features that come with Manatal’s recruiting SaaS are the intuitive AI technologies that allow recruiters to quickly screen and locate the best talent. In terms of engagement, the software comes loaded with useful communication and collaboration tools that let recruiters achieve a deeper level of engagement.  

Manatal – Free Trial & Free Demo

Manatal is now offering a free trial of their recruiting SaaS software via their website, or you can also book a demo with one of the professionals who can share specifically how your company can benefit from using their software.  

A free demo and free trial are the best ways for you to discover how Manatal can be used to make recruitment and talent management your agency’s best competitive advantages in 2022.


The most successful companies will tell you that their employees are everything to their business. Without an engaged, high-performing, and harmonious work culture, it is very difficult to grow in this modern economy. In determining whether your company should be the next one to adopt a recruiting SaaS, consider the Fortune 500 companies that exist - 98% of them are using recruitment software to do their hiring.

If a recruiting SaaS plays such a prominent role in their operations, shouldn’t it also be in yours?

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