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“Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today and have never done a worse job of it!”

Ouch!  Those recent remarks from Peter Cappelli, the Director for the Center of Human Resources at the Wharton School, are quite revealing in terms of the room we have for improvement when it comes to the wild world of recruiting.

Fortunately, Cappelli would be pleased to hear that the SaaS industry is being very effective in designing new innovations for HR professionals to help them do a better job of hiring.  It’s a type of SaaS technology that’s proving to be very especially resourceful to recruiters, allowing them to overcome significant time-consuming challenges, while also enabling them to improve the quality of the talent they can recruit.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an industry that is seeing explosive levels of growth.  Hosted in the cloud, it has quickly achieved mainstream adoption, and hiring managers are quickly discovering that, by investing in the right SaaS system, they can magnify the efforts of their recruiters making them much more efficient and effective.  In other words, the best SaaS systems have a tendency to pay for themselves rapidly.

In the midst of a labor shortage and an economic demand cycle that’s about to go into overdrive for the holiday season, recruiters are anxiously flailing about looking for solutions to improve the results of their recruitment efforts.  They are finding those solutions in SaaS technology that is designed for their HR processes, including recruitment.  Using SaaS technology, HR professionals can develop more engaging recruitment strategies capable of attracting the best talent and ensuring that candidate relationships are well managed as they get ushered through the whole hiring process.

One big advantage that we see in recruitment SaaS technologies is how it can fully automate tasks that were once so heavily labor-intensive just a few short years ago.   Essentially, in the world of recruitment and hiring, recruitment agencies are beginning to realize that by investing in these SaaS technologies they are contributing significantly to the competitive strength of their company.

What is SaaS? 

SaaS solutions are one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry, expanding at a rate of 18% a year. For many recruiters and HR professionals, SaaS solutions offer the best means of cutting costs and increasing the likelihood of recruitment success.  Companies are beginning to transition not only their HR processes but all their mission-critical business processes to these SaaS environments.  In fact, Gartner forecasts that SaaS platforms will generate revenue close to $117.7 billion by the end of 2021.

To understand what makes SaaS such an appealing resource, you need to understand what this technology is.  The attraction of SaaS software has everything to do with the fact that SaaS requires little more than a solid connection and a web browser – The SaaS company provides the full functionality of the software, meaning a client is free from having to set up and manage their own file servers and data infrastructure to host the software.  Gone are software licensing issues, software installations, and no tech support for companies to worry about.

SaaS solutions eliminate the need to purchase hardware resources, and they eliminate expensive infrastructure maintenance costs.  You only need to log in with your credentials, and you’re able to access the software.  Here are the key advantages:

Key Advantages of SaaS Technologies include:

Accessibility - SaaS solutions are cloud-based solutions that eliminate the need for a complex IT infrastructure. They are therefore accessible to any company out there.

Cost - SaaS solutions are commonly available through a subscription-based fee structure that eliminates significant initial investments. There are no technical support costs for the client because the SaaS provider handles its own technical environment.

Service & Data Integrity - SaaS gives the user a guarantee of how well the service will work. In addition, SaaS supports automated backups without user intervention, this ensures the availability of candidate data in all circumstances.

The recent surge in the popularity of SaaS solutions can be directly attributed to the effects of the global pandemic.  Companies were forced to find a solution for a “remote workforce” to stay connected.  SaaS software made “remote work” such a successful solution that it immediately caught on as a trend and continues evolving as a permanent employment solution.

In the post-pandemic world, SaaS is becoming a pervasive component of every company’s digital landscape with the expectation that, by the end of 2022, 99% of all organizations will be using one or more of the many SaaS solutions the industry offers.

Now let’s look closer at how SaaS applications have become so wildly popular among recruiters and hiring managers, beginning with a critical HR investment for any company – the Applicant Tracking System.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Recruiting the right talent for your clients has never been an easy achievement, but in our current job market, these challenges are as daunting as they’ve ever been.  Recruiters need access to the best innovations in hiring technology to make their headhunting activities more fluid and engaging. Fortunately, innovations in SaaS have yielded powerful Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that are proving to be remarkably effective in terms of providing recruiters with the tools to overcome these challenges.  

An ATS is a centralized strategic HR technology asset – a resource that functions as the nerve center of the recruitment, hiring, and selection activities for your company.  Investing in the right ATS system will dramatically reduce the amount of time that recruiters will need to spend on repetitive, labor-intensive recruitment processes (like posting a job to several different job boards).  An ATS simplifies the many redundant processes involved in the recruitment, screening, and hiring of new talent by applying automated technologies to handle the processes that once so overwhelmed recruiters.

Key Advantages of an ATS include:

Automated Postings – Recruiters can gain extra time back by having an ATS with the ability to post job ads on thousands of channels from a single platform.

Artificial Intelligence - ATS systems with built-in AI functionality expedite the processes of sorting through hundreds of resumes in a matter of seconds.  Candidate screening will yield better results and will be accomplished sooner.  Using AI technologies that interact with the candidate during the application process means having a detailed assessment of the applicant’s background being compiled in the quickest possible way.

Enhance the Candidate ExperienceGen Z makes up the latest wave of young professionals entering the workforce, and half of them won’t even bother to apply if they think your recruitment methods are outdated.  Don’t expect the best talent to slog through a 20-minute application process. With an ATS investment, the recruitment process can be made more rapid, fluid, and engaging.

Data Analytics – As candidates proceed through the recruitment processes of your clients, a powerful ATS system creates a goldmine of useful data analytics that you can draw upon for trend analysis, leading to predictive information that can be analyzed to ultimately increase revenue.

As technology evolves, recruiters are relying more heavily on their ATS systems to orchestrate and coordinate the wide array of simultaneous procedures involving candidates in order to produce an efficient hiring system.  Remember, the main advantage of having an ATS is how it simplifies the entire recruitment process and allows you to cast a wider net for new talent compared to using outdated, inefficient recruitment methods that aren’t suited to our current job market.

As companies and agencies continue to furiously compete for talent in a trying labor market, recruiters are having to deal with workloads that are heavier and more time-consuming than ever before.

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated how a powerful SaaS can make significant contributions towards reducing recruiter workloads by letting the latest technologies automate what were once labor-intensive workflow processes, but a software that can help an agency to be more efficient with their clients is also an indispensable requirement you should expect from a recruitment SaaS.

Recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Almost 70% of recruiting professionals feel that the best way to enhance the effectiveness of recruitment strategies over the next five years is by investing in new hiring technologies. An all-in-one ATS + Recruitment CRM (customer relationship management) is undoubtedly the best option for agencies to invest in.

This provides agencies with the tools and resources that their recruiters need to manage and organize data about clients, leads as well as candidates, all within a single platform.  Having these capabilities has never been so important. The agencies that invest in a recruitment SaaS with integrated CRM are in a stronger position to manage and grow these new relationships using this technology, and that is directly connected to profitability.

The Importance of Having a Recruitment CRM for your Agency

The importance of having a recruitment CRM rests in how it can strengthen an agency by functioning as a competitive asset.  Recruitment agencies that use a recruitment SaaS with integrated CRM are providing their recruiters with a powerful resource to be able to more effectively place their candidates, and build stronger relationships with existing clients.

Consider the dynamics: we’re in the midst of what the media is calling the “Great Resignation” and as the jobs market continues to overheat, recruiters need a resource that will allow them to:

  • Maximize communication with clients and leads
  • Accelerate the results of team collaboration
  • Have a reliable, centralized resource to manage it all from

Recruitment CRM is the technology that achieves all of this, and more.

Ultimately, agencies that invest in SaaS with integrated recruitment CRM will be on the path of discovering how resourceful it can be to allow the capabilities of the software to maximize workflow efficiencies and can give their recruiters more time to dedicate towards profitable sales activities. The benefits of investing in a robust recruitment SaaS system like Manatal far outweigh the costs.

Once you have made the decision to invest in a SaaS system, your next step is to research the market to find the best solution. 

Manatal – The Industry Standard for Recruitment SaaS

Manatal is an industry titan in the world of recruitment SaaS.  The company has built a solid reputation for providing the most innovative and adaptable ATS systems to agencies in over 120 countries.  The success and popularity of Manatal can be attributed to many factors such as its powerful AI features, ease of use, CRM, and many other tools that cover the whole recruitment process from sourcing to placement and client management.

Here are a few of the marquee features include:

Zero Implementation – Manatal is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that can be accessed anywhere at any time. It is mobile-friendly and does not require the installation of any special IT infrastructure, meaning greater accessibility for companies that do not have a dedicated IT team.

Easy to Learn – It is remarkably easy to use.  Manatal comes with a very intuitive user interface that makes it very simple for any new user to learn, which is really an achievement considering how powerful and robust the software system is.

Integrated CRM – Manatal is an industry pioneer in all-in-one ATS + recruitment CRM software.  Agencies will benefit tremendously by taking advantage of the CRM functionality that comes integrated with the software, allowing recruiters to successfully manage all communication efforts with leads and clients all within a centralized platform.  Integrated CRM can be directly linked to stronger relationships and higher levels of profitability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Manatal’s AI recommendation and candidate scoring features are powerful resources that recruiters know they can rely upon to help them quickly screen and locate the best talent.  The software even comes with advanced search tools that allow recruiters to rapidly identify candidates with unique skill-sets in a large database.

Social Media Enrichment – Take advantage of technologies that automatically search for candidate information on over 20 of the most popular social media platforms; a useful feature that recruiters can rely upon to get an in-depth look at a candidate’s talents, goals, and achievements.

Career Page Builder – Did you realize that a career page is responsible for 45% of the total candidates for any given position?  With the Career Page Builder, agencies can create an attractive portal that makes it very simple for candidates to learn more about your company.

Automatic Posting on Multiple Job Boards – A huge advantage is the software’s ability to integrate with major job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Monster.  You can link any of these job boards to the software, and it automatically funnels all your applicants into the platform.  Applicants automatically have their profiles created and matched to the job they are applying for.  This saves recruiters an extensive amount of time and effort.

Among the swaths of useful features mentioned above, Manatal’s recruitment software comes absolutely loaded with additional useful tools and resources that let recruiters achieve a deeper level of engagement with candidates.  Many companies are still missing out on the best talent because of poor candidate experiences. Don’t be that company.

Manatal – Free Trial & Free Demo

Manatal is offering a 14-day free trial of their ATS software via their website, or you can also book a demo with one of our consultants, who will specifically detail how your company can benefit from using the software.

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