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How to Select the Best Agency for Mass Recruitment in 2023

Mass recruitment may sound scary and challenging. The hiring process is already complex without having to recruit multiple candidates simultaneously.

But juggling multiple job openings, job applicants, and sets of requirements is at another level compared to hiring one candidate only. Thus, you must beat the competitive market and find hundreds (or more) of professionals who fit your expectations and standards. Some might say that's a shortcut to sacrificing quality over quantity.

After all, is it possible to hire multiple people in the same period and screen them all? - How do you ensure you aren't missing out on details or settling for average candidates to get things done?

Indeed, it's a taxing task, but not impossible. According to New Aptitude Research Report, more than six in ten companies have high-volume recruitment needs.

Most need to fill over 1000 positions in a short period, requiring dedication and thoroughness. But since speed is the indicator of success in mass recruitment, it's crucial to get things moving fast and reduce time-to-hire.

Yet, the report mentioned above also found that nearly half of the respondents struggle with finding quality candidates. Many job applicants drop off early in the process due to finding a better opportunity, poor candidate experience, low salary, and poor employer branding.

Because of that, companies often must find external support. If you're having high recruitment demands and considering hiring a recruitment agency, here's everything you should know.

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How Can You Benefit from Hiring a Recruitment Agency for Mass Recruitment?

Collaborating with a recruitment agency has numerous benefits for every company striving to find a suitable candidate for a job opening. However, it can be even more advantageous for dynamic businesses scaling up or requiring mass recruitment.

But the following are the most common benefits you'll get from working with a recruitment agency:

Access to a Wider Network and Industry Contacts

Recruitment agencies must nurture contacts and interact with skilled professionals and well-established companies. They often rely on their vast network when looking for candidates for hard-to-fill roles and use that advantage to seal the deal faster.

These agencies visit events, meetings, and meet-ups to keep in touch with the latest trends and expand their talent pool. As a result, they have access to qualified job applicants and passive job seekers.

That's of paramount importance in mass recruitment because recruiters must act fast to reduce the hiring time and meet their client's needs. Nothing comes in as handy as having numerous contacts from different industries when you need to hire a skilled candidate in no time. It opens a path to stellar referrals and narrows down the search.

When collaborating with a recruitment agency, you get access to that network. Moreover, these agencies often don't have to go far to find a suitable candidate, as they often have various waiting for an offer.

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Expertise, Skills, and Knowledge

When working with recruitment agencies, you would not only gain access to relevant contacts but also to abilities, competencies, and skills. These professionals must continually update their capabilities and knowledge to stay on top of the game and earn new clients.

Moreover, continuous learning and development are essential for keeping up with industry trends and changes. Recruitment agencies promise to find the right match for every job opening, and the only way to deliver that is to work on their education and embrace challenging undertakings.

Thanks to that, hardly any assignment will put them off. These agencies can handle different tasks, including finding talents for hard-to-fill positions.

Streamlined Activities

HR departments are responsible for various assignments on a daily basis. They must prepare new job requisitions, handle the bureaucratic part of the recruitment process, establish hiring strategies, and ensure successful talent management.

Besides, these professionals also screen and shortlist top candidates and manage employee onboarding. If one of these aspects fails, it could jeopardize business performance and longevity.

Many companies maintain manual activities, relying on spreadsheets and other traditional recruitment tools. Instead of tapping into cutting-edge technology, they prefer to avoid additional investments and use tested methods.

However, that often causes them to lose time, resources, and productivity. On the other hand, collaborating with a recruitment agency allows companies to save money and energy, as they wouldn't have to provide the tech infrastructure.

They would also simplify their activities, as the agencies would be responsible for most of the recruitment process. As a result, companies could focus on other elements, such as onboarding and reinforcing the employer brand.

Quantity and Quality

Companies don't have to sacrifice quality in mass recruitment. Collaboration with recruitment agencies allows them to have it all and complete every recruitment stage timely.

After all, agencies have the resources and capabilities to find and hire multiple candidates simultaneously, giving HR departments time to complete other assignments necessary for the hiring process.

Thanks to that, they can do everything in time and get the best results. Thus, companies can come exemplars of stellar mass recruitment with the help of recruitment agencies.

Reliable Technology

Even though most companies leverage advanced tech, scale-ups and those transitioning to new platforms might need external help. Recruitment agencies use innovative SaaS technology that helps them recruit efficiently and comply with the latest regulations. They typically use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen job applicants and a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to nurture effective communication with stakeholders.

Companies can benefit from recruitment agencies' tech and discover top-notch results. Besides, SaaS can make a difference in mass recruitment by simplifying the processes and boosting accuracy.

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Improved Efficacy and Productivity

Working with recruitment agencies has numerous benefits, but enhanced productivity and efficacy typically come first. Since companies don't have to worry about all the steps required to hire a suitable candidate, especially in mass recruitment, they can take charge of other undertakings necessary for a stellar candidate experience.

Besides, HR departments will likely learn new techniques and tricks during this collaboration, improving their efficiency and helping them hire faster in the future. However, companies must approach this collaboration thoroughly and consider what works best for them.

Because of that, they must first learn what type of recruitment agencies exist.

Types of Recruitment Agencies

Temp Recruitment Agencies

Companies often have temporary hiring needs, requiring employees only for a certain period. That usually happens when a regular worker takes time off, gets ill, or takes parental leave.

That's where temp agencies enter the picture - they employ job applicants to work in a company for a limited period of time. Companies may also collaborate with these professionals when they undergo a busy season or need additional employees for a time-limited project.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Most recruitment agencies have the traditional structure and fee principles. They seek multiple candidates for different job ads and have well-developed recruitment strategies and technology.

Moreover, these agencies typically look for workers for long-term positions. But they might not be the best choice for companies aiming to recruit people for hard-to-fill roles with rare skills.

Since recruiters in traditional recruitment agencies have vast abilities and knowledge, they are a stellar solution for mass recruitment. Nonetheless, they also tend to source candidates from job boards, career sites, and social media, which rarely encompasses passive job seekers.

Executive Search Agencies

Companies invest more time, resources, and money into finding new members of their C-Suite. These candidates must be highly skilled, experienced, and reliable.

Because of that, companies looking for their future vice presidents and CEOs turn to executive search firms. These professionals focus on finding top talents with credibility and experience in the industry.

They usually have an upfront fee due to the effort, patience, and commitment they put into completing this demanding undertaking. But many companies looking for executive candidates prefer to reach out to contingency agencies, as these only require compensation if their client hires one of the shortlisted job applicants.

Niche and Specialist Recruitment Agencies

Specialist and niche hiring agencies seek candidates with competencies and knowledge in specific industries. For instance, they may look for job applicants for digital marketing, IT, software development, etc.

However, they can work using the contingency, retainment, or temporary staffing model. Therefore, these agencies can be a good solution for companies aiming for mass recruitment if they fall into niche industries and require candidates with specific capabilities.

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How to Select the Most Compatible Agency for Mass Recruitment?

Companies may turn to mass recruitment for various reasons, such as business growth, the holiday season, relocation, or extensive projects. Whatever the cause, they should consider the following factors when choosing the best agency for their needs.

Adequate for Recruitment and Business Needs

If you're reaching out to a recruitment agency to help you with mass recruitment, it means you want to ensure both quality and quantity. Hence, these professionals should have the capacity and willingness to meet your recruitment and business needs.

Before contacting your shortlisted candidates for this undertaking, determine how many candidates you want to hire, for what job roles, and what skills they should possess. Clarify your expectations and requirements to avoid miscommunication and errors.

Identify whether you want to employ long-term employees or only need workers for a limited period (e.g., for a specific project). That will help you understand whether you need a temp agency or a traditional agency working on a temporary principle.

Moreover, decide whether you need job applicants with specific skills and competencies. Perhaps niche agencies would be a good choice, although they rarely take on projects involving mass recruitment.

Compatible with the Available Budget

Not all agencies have the same fee structure. That could impact your decision, especially because mass recruitment may entail specific rates.

Hence, you must be clear about your possibilities and how much your budget allows you to spend. That should also help you narrow your search.

Have that conversation with the agency before sealing the deal or signing the contract. Ensure you're on the same page about the compensation and objectives.

Prevent surprises by learning whether the agency requires payments before the recruitment starts or they only charge if you're satisfied with the shortlisted candidates. Mass recruitment is a significant responsibility and investment, so both parties must be transparent and fair.

Agreement on Performance Measures

Never assume that an agency will deliver stellar results only because your business partner was happy with their work, or you read lovely testimonials. Instead, ensure they're okay with including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the process, as that would enable you to track their progress.

For instance, you can use a CRM platform to keep your communication in one place, share updates, and follow the recruitment stages and activities. As a result, you will see how job applicants move through the hiring pipeline, giving you a chance to add your input if necessary.

Vast Experience, Skills, and Knowledge

The ideal hiring agency for mass recruitment should have the experience, knowledge, and abilities to perform this undertaking and find suitable candidates for multiple job openings. Moreover, you should feel confident working with them, being able to rely on their methods and strategies.

Discuss this aspect before choosing with whom you will work. Learn how often the recruiters participate in L&D programs and whether they're knowledgeable about the latest industry trends and transformations.

Besides, the agency should share similar values and commitment to your business objectives and needs. Mass recruitment requires expertise and dedicated recruiters who can keep in touch with your company throughout the process.

Proven Speed and Efficiency

Speed is typically the most significant factor in mass recruitment. It determines success and how fast you'll get the opportunity to onboard the candidates.

However, avoid trusting promises. Look for proven results, credentials, certificates, and past experiences.

Learn how many times the agency has hired multiple candidates simultaneously or in a short period. Talk with their previous clients and discover what to expect.

Ensure you can rely on the agency and feel comfortable that they'll deliver the results they have promised. If you feel an ounce of doubt, it might be better to think twice before signing the contract and relying on them for mass recruitment.

Stellar Networks and Large Talent Pool

The ideal agency should have a vast network and a well-developed talent pool. That gives them access to many qualified candidates and contacts who can recommend suitable professionals for the job openings.

For instance, recruitment agencies that are new in the industry might not have the resources to handle mass recruitment. Instead, look for those who have been in the game longer, know where to start, and get quality results quickly.

Modern Technology (e.g., SaaS)

Every experienced and successful recruitment agency knows the importance of using advanced technology, such as SaaS, to streamline the hiring process, find top talents, and collaborate efficiently. That's essential in mass recruitment.

When conducting interviews with the best recruitment agencies, ask them what kind of HR tech they use. For instance, an ATS will ensure they screen candidates without unconscious bias and make data-driven decisions due to AI analytics and reports.

On the other hand, a CRM will help them maintain regular communication with you and within their recruitment teams. If they rely on traditional hiring methods, that could slow down the process, which is typically the worst enemy of mass recruitment.

Mass recruitment requires support in the form of stellar technology. Otherwise, you might sacrifice some of the most significant elements, such as quality and efficacy. 

Manatal's AI Recruitment Software will ensure you get everything - speed, efficiency, and top-notch results. Start your 14-day Free Trial and discover how its ATS and CRM can transform your hiring process for the better.

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