5 Major Indications You’re Investing in the Right Recruitment Software

5 Major Indications that You're Investing in the Right Recruitment Software

The recruitment trends over the next 5 years suggest 68% of recruiters believe that the most optimal way to improve their performance is to invest in new recruiting technologies.

Such technologies are always evolving and innovating to cater to the rapidly-developing market. This includes the likes of AI-powered features, chatbots, smart recommendations, and many more, which can be conveniently found in most recruitment software.

As we enter 2021, it’s best to modify your business strategy and ask: are you investing in the right software? Here are indications that you’re getting your money’s worth.

5 Major Indicators of the Perfect Recruitment Software

Landing More Candidates

Because everything is simplified and made extra efficient, you can land more candidates than before. With recruitment software like Manatal, you can post a job ad automatically across multiple channels and funnel all incoming applications into a centralized platform.

This way, you get a wider reach and tap multiple individuals with little to no effort. And when you successfully fill the role you’re tasked with, it goes to show just how efficient your tool is.

Getting quality recruits

Of course, it’s not just about quantity. It’s about quality, as well. With the right software, it must be able to lead you to qualified candidates. Especially given that most skilled talents are passive job seekers and are hard to find (much less recruit!), it’s imperative that you have the proper technology to assist you.

It’s easy to do this with Manatal. Using its powerful AI Candidate Recommendation, it can provide you suitable individuals needed for any vacancies within seconds. The software also locates those with unique skill sets and qualifications using its Boolean Search– an advanced tool that cross-matches jobs and talents seamlessly!

In addition to that, you can leverage its comprehensive reports and analytics, too. With concrete and reliable data, you will be able to pinpoint where candidates are sourced, what’s the job frequency, plus other recruiting metrics.

Positive Candidate Journey

Your candidates are the heart of the business. As recruiters, you have to keep them happy and content for them to join and, more importantly, stay in your company for a long time.

There are plenty of ways on how you can build a good rapport with your candidates. You can start by communicating often about their status, paying close attention to culture fit, and being readily available for any questions or concerns. You can also optimize the candidate experience internally and make applications simpler so as to respect their time and efforts.

When candidates– whether active or passive– give positive feedback on your company, you know you’re doing something right.

Satisfactory and Long-Term Business Relationships

Businesses should focus on sustainability. When you acquire clients, you should ensure a lasting and harmonious relationship for the years to come. It’s proven that brand loyalty increases long-term profitability and reduces any costs of garnering new leads.

It’s easier said than done, though. It’s challenging to establish and maintain a partnership. One small mishap can ruin your chances of having regular clientele. That’s why it’s vital to make first impressions last.

Manatal has a dynamic recruitment CRM for recruitment agencies that can jumpstart your initial contact. With such a handy functionality, you can easily monitor and track progress in one tab and realign tasks and priorities as necessary with accuracy in the customer data. This promotes proactiveness and professionalism that can yield satisfactory results.

Increase Profitability 

Of course, the right recruitment software increases company revenue and minimizes expenses as much as possible.

With all those aforementioned elements into play, it must be able to generate income for the business so that it can continue its operations. Better yet, it must advocate scalability and allow your organization to grow holistically. 

Business is business, and the goal should be to strive forward continuously. Having more staff, purchasing new technologies, and developing better customer service are just some of the things that the right investment can bring in.

Among these 5 major indications, which ones are you noticing with your current recruitment software?

Let Manatal be the one to help you achieve these milestones. With its various functionalities and compelling capabilities starting at only $15/month, we guarantee that you’ll make a wise investment that will augment and amplify your business in the long run.

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